Sunday 22 November 2009
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Arrests and Militarization Precede Honduran Elections

TEGUCIGALPA - News media closures, illegal detentions and militarization increase, portray today‚�÷s panorama in Honduras just 8 days from the illegal elections called by the de facto regimen.

In the last hours the television channel 36 was taken off the air, one of the main press elements opposed to the June 28 Coup d‚�÷Etat against President Manuel Zelaya.

"We hold the regime chief Roberto Micheletti responsible for this new interruption" the channel‚�÷s head, Esdras Amado Lopez said and he specified the signal was substituted by porno and cowboy films.

Meanwhile, Dina Meza from the Committee of Relatives of Missing Prisoners, revealed night arrests accomplished by the security forces in capital districts.

Several young people playing in the Lempira‚�÷s court and others from Bella Vista neighbourhood were arrested and beaten, Meza informed.

Leaders of the National Front against the Coup d‚�÷Etat and Human Right defenders warned of the fierce repressions planned by the coup for the elections day.

According to the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations, the army sent troops to all departments and 800 mercenaries were dispersed in the southwest with the aim of suppressing any movement.

The Armed Forces are scattered all over the country, for this there are 11 military regions and every commander is responsible of the security of his region and they have instructions and ways to operate", he notified.

These forces demanded the mayors to make a list of the people who they considered are enemies of the electoral process to neutralize them and the district attorney‚�÷s office order the 530 prosecutors in the country to be ready to chase them.

The democratically-elected President, Manuel Zelaya, who from his returning to the country has stayed in the Brazilian Embassy, inquired the elections to be postponed until the institutional order is restored.



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