Friday 13 November 2009
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Honduras Crisis Expected to Last Indefinitely

TEGUCIGALPA - The crisis generated by the coup in Honduras will last a long time after the de facto regime failed to comply with the Tegucigalpa/San Josť agreement, warned local press on Thursday.

Tiempo newspaper points out the coupists ploy to delay and complicate dialogue exposing its bad faith and its intentions of perpetuating power.

According to the October 30 pact to achieve restoration of institutionalization, restitution of the president would be voted in the National Congress, and a unity and reconciliation government would be formed on November 5.

Nevertheless, the single-chamber parliament board of directors decided to ask for opinions to many institutions, such as the Supreme Court, the Attorney General's Office and other institutions which supported the June 28 coup.

The Court agreed yesterday to put off its decision until November 18, only 11 days before elections.

"The de facto regime never wanted to keep the dialogue, agreement or OAS and UN initiatives", told President Zelaya, who is in Brazil embassy since he returned on September 21.

He admitted that what had happened to Honduras is "a lection that dialogues with terrorists and coupists are always doomed".

President thanked for the international community support, which have condemned the coup for 4 months and have also demanded the institutionalization return.



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