Wednesday 02 December 2009
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Colombia Military Bases Threaten South America

LA PAZ - Bolivian President Evo Morales stated today the installation of US military bases in Colombia is an open aggression on South America and especially against countries starting to dignify their peoples and governments.

"I am sure where those facilities exist there is no guarantee of social peace, democracy, development and even less their integration," declared the leader during a press conference at Palacio Quemado.

Morales expressed confidence in the Colombian people who from his point of view will be in charge of defeating the current assault to the subcontinent.

He denounced US bases threaten presidents, revolutionary social movements and governments in the region of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) and not to fight drug trafficking, as warranted.

"United States favors drug trafficking in Colombia to justify its presence" said the statesman.

He stressed the shared responsibility and regionalization in confronting this scourge does not mean deployment of US military bases in South America.

He expressed his rejection to the agreement signed between Washington and BogotŠ on October 30 which authorizes the use of seven stations of the country‚�÷s armed forces by the northern power‚�÷s soldiers.

According to the Bolivian President the United States seeks world hegemony; therefore, they want to crush with military bases the revolutionary countries struggling for their liberation, independence and development.



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