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Monday 06 October 2008, San José, Costa Rica 

Transport Minister Criticized For Graphic Campaign To Reduce Road Accident Deaths
Costa Rica Is A Country of "Come Huevos"!
Traffic Police And Truckers Association Join Forces To Reduce Accidents
OIJ With 250  New Agents
President Arias Offers Support For María José
OIJ With 250  New Agents
To combat the rise in crime, the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) - judicial investigative agency - has hired 250 new agents with the funding of ¢7.5 billion colones by the government.

Jorge Rojas, director of the OIJ, said the goal is to add 500 new agents.

The new hires in the training process and expected to be on the streets as early as November.

In addition to the hiring of more agents, Rojas said that they agency has purchase 170 additional vehicles and firearms to equip the agents, of at least 100 will be assigned to robbery and attacks on private homes, 20 to homicide, 35 to vehicle thefts, 35 to assaults and the rest to various other units.

With the new agents, the OIJ will be able to beef up the delegations in Alajuela, Limón, Heredia, Puntarenas, Liberia and Jacó, according to director Rojas.

In Costa Rica the OIJ is the only investigative agency, while the Fuerza Pública (uniformed police) provide patrols and detention.

Many foreigners, especially North Americans, have complained on the lack of professionalism and investigative detail of the police (Fuerza Pública) officials responding to a crime, not understanding their role is one of first line response, securing the crime scene and calling in the OIJ investigators.





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