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Argentina Rejects to Reopen Foreign Debt Negotiation
President Nestor Kirchner ratified from Germany that his government will not reopen the foreign debt exchange, in a week characterized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pressures on Argentina.

On Thursday, in one of the strongest charges against the multilateral body he has launched, Kirchner accused the Fund of exporting models incompatible to the economies of the Third World countries and imposing them to the detriment of their sovereignty.

During a conference at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin, where he is closing a five-day visit Saturday, the Head of State called the international credit institutions, mainly the IMF, to a reform in their structures.

He also asked them to respect, within a frame of rationality, the choice of each country to elect its own way to develop social insertion.

That necessity of change (in the financial institutions) is evidenced when you hear its technocracy state new demands while we move forward in the solution of our problems, the President stated.

"We have seen dozens of these governments failed in different countries putting into practice these recipes, closed in a pathetic vicious circle," the statesman denounced, in obvious allusion to the multilateral institutions.

Thus, Kirchner replied to the renewed pressure launched in Washington Thursday by the Fund and the World Bank, which demand a solution for the creditors who rejected the exchange of Argentina's foreign debt.

On his speech, Kirchner insisted these "imported and imposed models" are better thought to recover the money lent to the affected nations than to help the positive development of these.

Under these conditions, there is no growth and the debt is impossible to be paid, the President warned.

After the suspension of the foreign debt, Argentina is facing a serious, consistent strategy to get rid of the debt according to its capacity to pay, without endangering its perspectives of structural development, he stated.

In other part of his speech, he criticized the organization led by Spanish official Rodrigo Rato of having fostered a political and economic model opposed to the interest of the common welfare, which "favored the spawning of assassins, thieves and corrupt people."

Kirchner stated the MERCOSUR, the Andean Community and the South American Community should be the vehicles to stop the ills afflicting the region.

He demanded multilateralism and warned that the absence of this vision in current international relations pushes the planet to the brink of turning into a lawless, chaotic jungle.


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