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About Us

ICR News (formerly known as Inside Costa Rica) is one of Costa Rica’s and Central America’s leading English-language daily news sources.  We currently reach more than 38,000 monthly unique readers who read more than 180,000 news pages per month and growing, both inside Costa Rica and abroad.

Since publishing our first edition in November 2002, our mission has been to keep the English speaking population in Costa Rica, as well as those from abroad interested in what is happening in Costa Rica, as informed as the Spanish speaking citizens of this beautiful country.

On August 24, 2012, Inside Costa Rica was acquired by a private group of investors led by editor Timothy Williams from its previous owner and editor.

In July, 2015, Inside Costa Rica began a transition to a new brand, ICR News.  The transition is expected to take one to two months to complete.  There was no change in ownership, rather we felt it was time to rebrand as our depth of coverage has expanded to cover news from other Central American and Latin American countries, and to reflect a change in our publishing style from that of a newspaper to real-time publishing with a focus on hard news and current events.

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