• Ken Morris

    The opposition needs to tone it down fast or it and the country will lose everything.

    I understand that a stacked court can be frustrating, but defying even a stacked court is foolish. Once you lose the court, you lose the rule of law, and from that loss you’re left with only a battle in the streets.

    The opposition simply has to proceed poco a poco, getting what it can without destroying the system.

    And Costa Rica should have kept its mouth shut about this one.

    • Derryl Hermanutz

      I agree, Ken. What’s the harm in redoing the vote for the 4 disputed seats? …unless the opposition is depending on a supermajority to restack the Supreme Court with its own people, oust Maduro’s government, and implement its own one party dictatorship.

  • richard schlinder

    This is what you calL HIJACKED.

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