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20 years

Nicaraguan remittances from Costa Rica total $282 million per year

September 1st, 2014 ( A recent study by the Costa Rican government reveals that Nicaraguans living in Costa Rica send $282 million in remittances per year to their native country.


The study comes at the same time that Costa Rican immigration officials have announced that Nicaraguan nationals will soon receive 90-day consular visas instead of the 30-day visas they had previously been issued.


Costa Rican officials said the move is designed to reduce the cost and burden for Nicaraguan nationals who currently must renew consular visas every 30 days.


Unlike many other Central Americans who traditionally look north to the United States as a way out of poverty, Nicaraguans have a long history of emigrating to their southern neighbor, Costa Rica.


The new 90-day visa rule for Nicaraguans begins on September 8th.


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  • NorthendFool

    I find it interesting that expats bring alot of money with them and spend it in CR and do not send any money out of the country but still are punished at every turn. Government taxes the crap out of us because they think we can afford it. It appears as though there is no fixing these problems, the government continues on its endless journey into lala land,

  • Andrew

    When does the 90 day rule start for gringos? I’ve been given 30 days on my last two stamp runs. Now, surprise, surprise I find that I can’t pay a fine when I leave as I had been led to believe when I became illegal a month ago. When is this backwards ass banana republic going to get its act together regarding immigration?
    Deportation is beginning to look more and more attractive! Let the new guy support my girlfriend of seven years and her children. I will be forced back to the shit-hole States-Where at least the laws are laws-not rumors and myths.

    • David Jones

      If your supporting your girlfriend of seven years and her children she is probably your common law wife by now. Congratulations!!!!

  • disqus_r8w0IwvvLw

    Adios Costa Rica. Hey Andrew bring her and the kids to Mexico where I am going. 180 days visa with no border run! They speak español too. Two hours more day light to get things done. No forced caja, but health insurance available. Sad to see CR going the way of the money grabbers. The Nicaraguans are cheap labor like the undocumented are in the usa. What else is new. Same old same old but I expected better from the CR gov. and so did all the people!

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