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Solis presents gloomy 100 days report focused on corruption

August 29th, 2014 ( President Luis Guillermo Solis presented his “first 100 days” report to an audience of about 1,000 invited guests yesterday evening, in which he painted a dark picture of corruption, impunity, waste and inefficiency throughout Costa Rica’s government and public institutions.


Solis said that a “litany of abuses and inefficiencies” have created a “breeding ground of corruption” in government.


“In most public offices the disorder is unimaginable,” Solis said.


Solis focused much of his speech on the actions of previous governments and former heads of public institutions, without naming names.


“We have been governed irresponsibly and on many occasions, and in different ways, those who ruled violated the Constitution and the law […] The country was sinking into a spiral of corruption and inefficiency,” Solis said.


“This is not a gratuitous assertion.  The judicial statistics demonstrate the fact: in the last eight years, from 2006 to 2013, the Constitutional Court alone, condemned every day – I repeat, every day – an average of ten public institutions or public officials,” Solis said.


Solis went on to give numerous examples of corruption in public institutions.


“We found, for example, that Puertos del Pacifico (Incop) was spending ¢2.4 million monthly to pay for maintenance of a luxury home on the beach,” Solis said.


“In the Ministry of Labor we are paying pensions to people who have died.”


Solis also pointed to abusive practices in the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Agriculture.


Solis went so far as to point out problems in the Casa Presidencial, saying it has “lost” 117 vehicles that even an audit has failed to locate.


“[Costa Ricans] have lived in a democracy hijacked by unscrupulous politicians, often dishonest and almost always inefficient, whose vices and abuses have virtually collapsed the State.”


“The looting must end now,” Solis said.




Solis acknowledged that the fiscal deficit, which exceeds 6% of GDP, is an urgent problem, but that inefficiency in government is not the only cause, saying that tax evaders contribute significantly to the deficit.


Solis highlighted the recently presented National Employment Strategy which the new government claims will create 217,000 jobs.


The President said that debates would begin next month on diversifying the country’s energy matrix with the goal of reducing electricity and fuel costs.




Solis concluded his speech by telling Costa Ricans that the challenges facing his administration are significant and would require time to address, asking the public to limit undue criticism early on in his administration.


Analysts and opposition party lawmakers criticized Solis’ report, saying the President did not provide any concrete plans or roadmap for the future.



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  • Upset with goverment of CR

    We all new PLN goverment Screwed the people of Costa Rica. Now we new that PLN where just a bunch of Mother Fu%Kers gangsters. PLN ex staff need a good slap or just some good jail time. EX prez Chinchilla didn´t know anything what a joke lets just start arresting all the ex PLN staff and give 5 years in jail for being part of Chinchilla and Arias admin and never doing right by the people of CR.

  • Yeims

    The sad thing is that the rabbit hole goes even much deeper. I hope Solis will be able to bring about some immediate changes, something to show people that he is right, and is doing right, and the country benefits from this. The truth is, ethics (knowing what is right and what is wrong) here in Costa Rica have deteriorated to the point that they are virtually nonexistent. I sure wish him luck!

  • mhogan

    “Gloomy” doesn’t begin to describe what lies ahead in Costa Rica.

  • Edgar Sanchez

    Cleaning up the entire government is to much for one term. I think he should focus one area that can start showing results to the people. This will keep the people happy and hopefully start the ball rolling on cleaning up the rest of the mess.

    • El Torito

      Good. Start with the Caja.

  • El Torito

    One simple alteration could start the clean-up process regarding inefficiency and corruption at all levels of society. CNANGE THE LABOUR LAWS so that individuals who are proven to have engaged in corruption, theft or are simply incompetent, can be fired without financial penalty to their employers.

    • mhogan

      Now that’s a damn good idea. Too bad it’ll never happen since too high a percentage of the labor force would be fired on the spot. Then where will those moral degenerates go to work?

  • Karen Mata

    This is the, “No es mi culpa” part.

    Next comes the, “No puedo.”

    Then, “Es tu culpa.”

    Finally it is agreed that it’s the Nicaraguans fault.

  • Guest

    It is exactly this type of corruption, absence of law, and a failure to prosecute, that attracts swindlers to Costa Rica.

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