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20 years

Normally peaceful town of Nuevo Arenal comes under assault

August 26th, 2014 ( The normally peaceful town of Nuevo Arenal came under assault on the night of Friday, August 22nd.


According to reports from residents, a group of 10 to 14 armed men in balaclavas robbed several businesses in a highly organized attack on the town.


The men cut primary power lines serving the businesses on the town’s main street, according to initial reports.


Having successfully blackened the street, the men proceeded to break into several businesses, including an Importadora Monge location.


A guard at the local gas station was tied up and thrown into the mechanic’s pit, and another on-duty guard serving a hardware store across the street was severely beaten and required hospitalization, according to information obtained by Inside Costa Rica.


On Sunday, in a separate incident, several suspects attempted to break into another hardware store.  A neighbor reportedly shot one of the suspects, wounding him.  The other suspects were able to escape.  It is unknown if the two incidents are related.


The events have shocked residents of the community, which generally has very little serious crime.


A town hall meeting was held yesterday, in which donations were solicited to improve security, an area resident told Inside Costa Rica.


Police and OIJ officials have yet to issue a formal statement regarding the events.  Residents reported a heavy police presence in the town yesterday, including roadblocks.  The town ordinarily does not have a full-time police force.


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  • Yeims

    Have it . . . and they will come.

  • disgusted

    Several years ago the rural Banks were getting robbed.. They put in those doors that only allows one person at a time though. That slowed down this kind of robbery.. Now like a wild west episode taking over a whole town. Knock out th electrical grid, take out the ” security” from the stores. Be well armed. The town is yours for the time being. This kind of criminal is usually well planned and executed. I would bet someone with Police/military experience is in the Mix.. Crooks have uniforms of the police here as well. You just do not know who is who anymore especially when they come knocking at your door. Small towns and isolated hotels are all at risk.

  • mhogan

    Today’s stories are more of the same that remind me that Costa Rica is nothing more than a cesspool of crime and mentally deranged thugs. Glad I’m finally out of there … 20 years and gone.

    • thismachinekillsfascists

      I’d rather live here than most other places, certainly the US. 13 years and counting, happy and loving life in CR.

  • duke ster

    Well it was just a matter of time. Costa Rica is ripe for the picking. With it’s lack of any real police presence this kind of crime was overdue. Actually this gang could have planned to continue this attack on several towns/locations on the same evening ( or day) or continued for a few days straight while the keystone cops were running around in circles.. To storm a bank here would be one of the easiest and most profitable events and in fact has been done a few times already. Since no robbers ( yet) have any real organization or brains, the banks or locations with serious cash have escaped this kind of organized assault so far. Remember Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid? I remember they got caught so maybe even these keystone cops will eventually put a stop to gangs like this. If you are aware of the roads here you will see how easy and effective it is to cordon off the escape roads. I am only pointing out the obvious and certainly hope this kind of crime doesn’t escalate. However with the financial desperation which is sure to follow this economic shitstorm, one can only imagine what is to soon come. There is a lot to be said about the safety of the good ‘ol USA. Police state?= yes, safety from this type of organized robbing event happening in a small town in USA ? =100 %

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