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Calls for legislation after sexually abused dog had to be euthanized

The dog above had to be euthanized after suffering severe sexual abuse. (Facebook)

The dog above had to be euthanized after suffering severe sexual abuse. (Facebook)

August 26th, 2014 ( A case reported last week by of a dog that was so severely sexually abused by its owner on multiple occasions that it had to be euthanized has renewed calls for the passage of an animal abuse law that has been stuck in the Legislature since late last year.


According to Desiré Cubero, a volunteer at the Animal Rescue Association, this sort of abuse is actually “common,” and that the organization had recently rescued another dog that had been sexually abused, Cubero told Spanish-language news site,


Worse still, Cubero said those who sexually abuse animals often proceed to the abuse of children.


Daniela Segura, a member of the Animal Relief Association of Cartago, reiterated the fact that sexual abuse of animals is common.  In one such case, a man collected street dogs for four years and sexually abused them.  “They have done nothing to charge him because there is no law [against sexual abuse of animals],” Segura told


The Law on Animal Abuse, which has been stuck in the Legislature since November of last year, provides jail sentences for the mistreatment of both wild and domestic animals.


Among the bill’s provisions are prison sentences of one to six years for any person who intentionally inflicts pain or suffering to an animal resulting in its death, or those who intentionally injure, torture or assault animals.


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  • disgusted

    If they do this to a helpless puppy what would they do too a little boy or girl here.. I agree this person should do some prison time. However , this pervert will just do it again.

  • Ken Morris

    Sexual abuse of dogs is common? Either these experts are nuts or a lot more people are than I realized.

  • Mate Pups

    Was it a male or female dog?

    • El Torito

      Likely a female, judging by her fine featured face. I’m serious (for once). There is a difference.
      As for people who engage in the activities mentioned in this article, they should have their own offences committed against them. I’m sure there might be a willing rogue bull elephant or two out there.

  • expatin paradise

    The topic of sexual abuse of animals is a new one to me. I must admit that I don’t know exactly what type of behavior would be involved.

    I am against abuse of animals, but it is important that laws are written so as to address the real issues without being over-broad. The Legislative Assembly generally writes laws that are imprecise and/or over-broad, as would be the case if a law were passed that included the language in the final sentence of the article above. Anyone who has ever trained a dog knows that “assault” (contact without consent or the threat thereof) with or without a rolled-up newspaper is standard practice and is not abusive.

    The law that was recently proposed was a good idea, except that it created the need for a new bureaucracy and was vague as to what constituted a dangerous dog. Clearly, we need laws to protect animals and people. It would be great if there were someone here who knew how to write good law (or even to copy the language of laws that function well in other countries).;

  • duke ster

    “Daniela Segura, a member of the Animal Relief Association of Cartago, reiterated the fact that sexual abuse of animals is common”. ” ???????????? WTF ! This is common? Get me a ticket on the last train home tonight –to borrow lyrics from a popular song. Seriously, now that I have read this quote by a member of a Tico association, I want out of here FAST!!! and get this….. it isn’t even illegal ! That means it is so pervasive and popular that it can’t even be stopped by legislation!!! However ,in the Tico’s defense ,someone in the legislature was overheard to say that the dog in the picture does have pretty eyes,,,,, ( at least from my understanding and translation of the Spanish language) ,It is possible I could have misinterpreted.

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