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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

American man arrested with pot brownies at Juan Santamaria Airport

(Photo Courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security)

(Photo Courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security)

August 26th, 2014 ( A 58-year-old American man was arrested at the Juan Santamaria International Airport on Sunday after a drug dog led to the discovery of 365 grams of brownies containing marijuana in the man’s possession.


The man, who is a legal Costa Rican resident, was traveling on a domestic flight between Nosara and Quepos.


Cannabis-containing foods, often referred to as “edibles” provide the cannabis “high” without the need for smoking or vaporizing the drug.  Common edibles include brownies, cookies, butter, and cakes.


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  • disgusted

    I know one dog handler who works night shift. He has two dogs he works with. Nothing I mean nothing gets by these dogs. They have been trained in USA.. This is one of the stupidest things anyone can do especially airport. Now he can sit in prison for a long time. Come on wise up. All over USA you can get pot now it is almost legal. CR make it legal here and make some tax money.

  • Mike Shannon

    what a complete moron! what planet does he live on?

    • roberto

      He must be high 24/7.

  • dr meno

    Wait, He was arrested at San Juan, but was on a flight traveling from Nosara to Quepos? Is there something about that nose you aren’t telling us?
    Drug Sniffing Dogs,Tica Bus Terminal, San Jose Costa Rica

    • Timothy Williams

      No, nothing unusual here. This is pretty common, there is generally a bit of a stopover for Nature Air, etc. in SJO even between two locations you would ordinarily believe to be direct, and many people use the domestic airlines for a “free” ride to SJO for a couple of hours between going to two locations they were planning on traveling to anyway. I would suspect he got the brownies during his time in SJO, but that is just conjecture.

      • expatin paradise

        I had the same question about how this guy would be arrested at SJO when flying between Nosara and Quepos. It still doesn’t make sense to me that such a flight would stop over at SJO – I would expect such flights to stop over at Pavas, if anywhere.

        Flying with dope is unwise – don’t even carry a used dope pipe unless you want dogs all over you. I had friends ditch their stash in a restroom at a small airport before boarding after they saw dogs find the stash of another passenger ahead of them. I’m sure that these travelers hated to lose their brownies, but better the brownies than one’s freedom. Now, I wonder if the weight of the brownies will be used as the weight of the dope – if so, it could be very bad for the travelers.

        • Likk Mii

          The entire brownie contains THC so the brownie is in fact a drug.No different than a gallon of OJ with a few shots of vodka. It’s still an alcoholic beverage by definition.

          • expatin paradise

            Much better to be caught with a small quantity of premium weed or hash than a fat bag of low-quality smoke or baked goods. Prison time for over 3/4 pound of doped brownies is probably longer than for murder here, while they won’t even take you into custody for the amount of hash that went into them. Edibles may be healthier to consume, and they may seem like a good gift idea, but it is clearly unhealthy to transport them. Even if you’re driving, there are too many traffic stops at checkpoints here. Moral of the story: keep your edibles at home.

  • Michael Connolly

    To quote a line from the movie Rain Maker: “You must be stupid, stupid, stupid!”


    Why is it that every article in regards to marijuana is incorrect? Is it OIJ fudging the story or is it being screwed up by careless journalism? Are we really suppose to believe that the brownies contained over 3/4 lb of pot, like the article says?

  • Chris Coble

    First of all they say the brownies weighed 365 grams, they have no way of determining how much MJ was in them. He won’t serve much time, if anything he will do a month tops and another week to a month in the immigration jail. Plus, inmates in CR don’t really mess with the old dogs too much he will be alright.

  • Mike Shannon

    first off… the guy’s an idiot. secondly… this is a story?

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