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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Lawyer sentenced to 24 years for property fraud

August 22nd, 2014 ( The Criminal Court of San Jose has sentenced a lawyer identified by the last names Parini Segura to 24 years in prison for multiple counts of property fraud.


The sentence was handed down on Monday.


Parini was found guilty of seven counts of property fraud.  Using falsified documents and other means, Parini fraudulently transferred ownership of properties in San Jose, Alajuela, Cartago and Guanacaste to several accomplices.


Parini’s accomplices, who have also been charged in the case, would later take out mortgages against the properties that were never repaid.


In at least two cases, the victims were foreigners.


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  • prdatki

    Good now the Government needs to audit every lawyer and congressman in the country.

  • Michael Clarkson

    Costa Ricans have a habit to go to extremes all though this sentence is well deserved the justice system has no balance here they either give out long sentences or no sentences at all and let the criminals go free, the CR government has no sense of balance and justice.

  • Upset with goverment of CR

    24 years is a long time. To bad the justice ministry can´t put the corupt goverment in jail like the last two presidents and every mopt minister.

  • Dr.S.Verdon

    Punishment is no longer Worth the Crime.!
    Kudos Costa Rica…

    • Robert

      I did buy a condo in Ocotal,Guanacaste in 2011 It was build in 2006. Now i find out my condo has not construction permit from municipality of Carrillo and not water permit from AyA. 88 units 7 pools and 5 ranch without permit and water. Probably scam or fraud

      • Dr.S.Verdon

        Where exactly.? What is the Name of this Comdo Complex.?

        • Robert

          Main St 2 Km before Playa Ocotal,Complex La Dolce Vita,/ Villa la Colina Ocotal, Guanacaste

          • Dr.S.Verdon
          • Robert

            Trade isn’t possible.Lawsuit is in process
            after that i will sale and buy 3 acres in Bi,HI. near black beach. Cr is off the market for me.

  • El Torito

    It’s a START!

  • disgusted

    He has been made and example of.. There will be another trial go at this and wait for it reduce his sentence to less than 3 yrs he get automatic parole. Of course he going to need a lot of grease to do this. What is also interesting nothing was said what to do about all the phoney mortgage and repaying those he stole from. I doubt one lawyer could do all of this has to be others, a judge maybe.

    Failed system here are the attorneys. They want everything in cash, their receipt are and description all done in a way they never pay taxes on their services. Plus when attorney does not fulfill the job like file motions, transfer titles there is really no recourse. So many crooks here as attorneys ..

  • costarick

    While as a practicing Lawyer and Notary Public in Costa Rica (Canadian Lawyer as well), I am pleased to see this matter of property fraud being dealt with by the Courts in the harsh manner that it has been in this case. Property fraud has been and is epidemic amongst certain Notaries in Costa Rica with virtual impunity as to a successful prosecution to-date. I have suggested a solution to this problem previously where it would require all property transfer transactions to be completed in a manner known as co-notariado, where two separate Notaries would be required to authorize the Property Transfer Deed for a property transfer in addition to the signatures of the seller and the buyer. (At the moment, only one Notary is required to authorize a Property Transfer Deed.) This could also be made a condition of company share transfers where property was involved. I believe that the issue of property fraud could be diminished in a dramatic way if such transactions were conducted in this manner. In British Columbia, Property Transfer Deeds were, during my time of practice and I believe still are, required to show the seller’s and the buyer’s signatures witnessed by two independent lawyers, each acting on the separate party’s behalf, in order for the Deed to be accepted by the Land Title Office.

  • Real Guy

    Crap like this happens every day. These rats have no scruples when i comes to right and wrong. A known legal rat banged on our door,waving a document(obviously forged), screaming that he bought the lot next door 10 years ago and to take off the lock we had put on it out of respect for the foreign owners.He is the third rat who has attempted to steal this land.Add these rats to the Tico crooks and imbeciles in development business and you have mucho reasons to NEVER BUY IN COSTA RICA. Punta Leona resort is a prime example,where dishonest builders started condo projects,collected millions in deposits and total purchase prices,neither delivering the condos nor refunding the money. And what is unbelieveable is that these rats are walking around free,despite literally hundreds of criminal complaints against them.

  • Larry

    A San Jose attorney ripped me off and I pray he gets 24 years MINIMUM. That would be about right as I am in my 12th year since he began stealing my net worth for a retirement home in Flamingo. Since discovering he was defrauding me in 2009, I have been trying to have my day in court with this subhuman predator who is still a practicing attorney. He destroyed my family and retirement beginning in 2004. Now I am 67, and still waiting for justice in this lifetime…

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