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Police arrest 16 demonstrators blocking access to President’s condo

(Fuerza Publica photo.)

(Fuerza Publica photo.)

August 18th, 2014 ( Police officers arrested 16 people who were blocking the entrances and exits of the condominiums where President Luis Guillermo Solís lives shortly after 1 a.m. on Friday.


The protestors were part of a civic organization from Alajuelita demanding better living conditions for their community.  Two minors were amongst those arrested.


Police said that intervention was necessary as the protestors were limiting the freedom of movement of both the president and other condominium residents.


The protestors had sought to speak to the president and request assistance for livable housing.


The group had also brought along a troupe of mariachis to serenade the president and his home.


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  • michaelwink

    I believe the article is a little light on what protestors are after. They are not asking for better living conditions in their community, they are actually demanding free houses for themselves and about a dozen other people.

    • mhogan

      Sure, give everyone a free house … A gimmee attitude prevalent in the USA .. CR can emulate all they want, it’s a socialist mentality

  • Upset with goverment of CR

    I saw the protest is was very small and polite. These people where looking for rights to own a small piece of land in there own country. They where no threat to the President or area. Why should only the rich have nice houses and land. Houses in CR are over priced and land is very over priced. Getting a loan to buy a house in CR is very hard and has large intrest making it hard to ever own your own house. I guess the rich people is what matters not the poor workers that makes the rich even more richer. Give workers a good wage and maybe they will be able to buy a small house.

  • Karen Mata

    Living in a condo? Give this guy a free house too.

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