French tourist drowns at Cokles beach in Limón

August 18th, 2014 ( A 50-year-old French tourist identified as Jean Claude Gilberth Fronstaine drowned at Cokles beach in Limón over the weekend.


The French businessman had been vacationing in Costa Rica for just three days prior to his death.


According to authorities, the man was enjoying the beach with his wife Saturday morning.


Apparently, the man had a bite to eat minutes before entering the water.  According to the initial investigation, authorities believe the man may have choked or vomited on the food while in the water.


The man’s wife shouted for help after seeing her husband struggling in the water.  A bystander reportedly entered the water to try to save the man, while other bystanders alerted the area Red Cross.  Despite the bystander’s attempts, Fronstaine drowned.


Authorities of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) later retrieved the man’s body, which will be turned over to the French embassy for repatriation.



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