Suspects grew marijuana in front of OIJ offices in Alajuela

(Photo courtesy of MSP.  Added illustration by Inside Costa Rica)

(Photo courtesy of MSP. Added illustration by Inside Costa Rica)

August 13th, 2014 ( A group of men have been arrested for growing marijuana on the roof of a carwash almost directly in front of the OIJ’s Alajuela headquarters.


Officers raided the business yesterday, discovering that the growing operation was literally within eyeshot of the OIJ’s offices.


Residents said that OIJ agents routinely had their vehicles washed at the carwash, apparently unaware that marijuana was being grown overhead.


Authorities said they seized approximately 40 marijuana plants.


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    • SarongGoddess

      Those guys have balls!!!!!

      • Andrew

        Balls? Yes.
        Brains? Not so much.

    • disgusted

      Change the law. Allow a couple of plants for every house hold. Why not about time to just make it legal . Let out those in prison/jail who where caught with it as well.. The right thing to do Pres. Solis. Let’s go green.

      • Jefe

        You can’t fall behind on your chorizo.

    • Michael Clarkson

      Going after a few plants is a waste of resources, go after the heavy hitters in the tough barrios in Limon San Jose, the OIJ guys are cowards they want to take down a few plants and get an award rather than going after the drugs lords because they are afraid of getting killed or they are getting paid off so they do not go after the real crime.