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Former president Laura Chinchilla to appeal verdict in Facebook defamation case

laura chinchilla

Former President Laura Chinchilla (archive photo)

August 13th, 2014 ( Former president, Laura Chinchilla is expected to file an appeal of the verdict in the civil and criminal defamation trial of prominent businessman and hotelier, Alberto Rodriguez Baldi today.


Chinchilla filed charges against Baldi in June 2013, just days after Baldi published a post on Facebook that stated that Chinchilla purchased land worth millions of dollars in Nicoya, Guanacaste and had an interest in a wind-energy firm.


A court acquitted Baldi on both the civil and criminal charges on July 21st of this year. 


Chinchilla’s legal team had sought 60 days in jail and more than ¢100 million in compensation from Baldi.


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  • disgusted

    I suspect this is being driven by the ATTORNEYS! They are the winners in this kind of case, Cha ching!.. Lady Laura must really feel and think she was bad mouthed by Baldi, and getting bad advice as well. .

  • roberto

    I thought that she was moving to Canada to work at a university?

  • prdatki

    She should get 10yrs hard labor and fined everything the Family is worth.She was the worst politician in Costa Ricas history.

  • Ken Morris

    I don’t fault her for appealing on the merits of the case, since IMO it is a lot stronger than the quick verdict against her suggests, but I have to wonder whether an appeal is prudent. If she prevails on appeal, well, she’s cleared up part of her reputation and might get some cash, but if she loses her public embarrassment will be intensified.

    Were I advising her, I suppose I would tell her to let it go and move on, but the real issue is probably how likely she is to win on appeal. Since her case is actually pretty solid and the judges in CR are often loose cannons who seemingly rule by whim and fancy more than by law, I would guess that she has a decent chance of winning an appeal. However, she’s also fighting her lack of popularity, and that may motivate loose cannon judges to rule against her again.

    Since I had a hand in passing along the rumor that Chinchilla was heading for Canada the minute her term expired, let me admit that my source may have misled me. Obviously, she’s still in CR. I would guess that she failed to land the kind of university job there that she believed she was entitled to, although for all we know negotiations continue and she will depart soon. It’s not my problem, but I would think that she’d want to move on with life pronto, and appealing a defamation case that not many would remember if she didn’t keep reminding people seems counterproductive.

    BTW, since it shows, let me add that I don’t dislike Chinchilla or believe she was personally corrupt. I just think she was in over her head in the presidency and did a disappointing job. Thus, I kind of wish her well, even as I’m glad to have a different president.

  • Upset with goverment of CR

    Worst President ever in Costa Rica. I wonder when she will be put in jail for all the crap she did to the Costa Rican people.

  • SarongGoddess

    Might this not be that Pissing Match mentality you see going on???

  • roberto


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