Police seize $27,000 from driver in Perez Zeledon

(Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security.)

(Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security.)

August 11th, 2014 (InsideCostaRica.com) Police seized some $27,000 in cash Thursday afternoon that a man had hidden in his vehicle in Perez Zeledon.


The discovery was made at a checkpoint police had established on the Inter-American Highway.


Police say that the suspect, identified by the last names Fernández Langel, acted suspicious, leading police to conduct a search of his vehicle.


After Fernández was unable to explain the origin of the cash, the suspect was arrested.  Police seized the cash and the suspect’s vehicle.


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    • mhogan

      Can’t explain the source of the cash? … well, idiot, it’s your own damn fault. Had to be someone who squealed on them (a drug deal gone bad??)

    • Michael Clarkson

      And now this money will end up stolen by some corrupt politician or policeman.

    • disgusted

      Once the money, Pot, Cocaine, equipment, and other valuables are confiscated. We as citizens here never hear or really know what happens to the assets. So I am pretty sure they( government officials) are licking their chops on who gets what in this haul.

    • Ken Morris

      How do we know that the cops found only $27,000? If the cops are corrupt, as some posts allege, odds are that they already took their cut and only reported finding part of it.