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Medical marijuana bill heads to Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly

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August 11th, 2014 ( Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly will begin debate on a bill on Monday aimed at legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.


The bill, aimed to “investigate, regulate and control cannabis for medicinal use,” was presented by PAC legislator, Marvin Atencio, who is also a medical doctor.


The 85-page bill would create a research institute specializing in the study of marijuana for medicinal purposes.


Opposition party lawmaker, Ronny Monge (PLN) even supports the bill.


The bill was drafted after talks with the U.S. NGO known as LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), which supports the decriminalization of marijuana.


At least 15 bills aimed at legalizing marijuana have been presented to the Assembly over the years, with supporters arguing that cannabis can be used in the treatment of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, depression, stress, and sleeping disorders.


Costa Rica’s Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Enforcement (IAFA), however, said in 2012 that such medicinal properties are unproven, and that marijuana can be addictive and lead to memory and learning difficulties.


According to a 2010 survey by IAFA, 7% of Costa Ricans have tried marijuana, and 2% are active consumers.


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    I hope they also discuss how marijuana has corrupted law enforcement. OIJ Santa Cruz is the perfect example. Busting consumers and falsifying evidence to give non violent and otherwise law abiding people a criminal record. Propoganda surrounding marijuana has come to the forefront thanks to social networks, and the hard work of dedicated individuals. It is time to start locking up corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials who are using these issues to enrich themselves, while imprisoning the many good people that they have to long sentences. Costa Rica leadership mirrrors the corrupt GOP from the north. Just take a look at the major issues facing this country- it is like deja vu….

  • prdatki

    Marijuana should be legalized and taxed ,the Church should be taxed and the politicians should pay a extra tax for being corrupt,lazy and stupid.

  • expatin paradise

    Medical marijuana should be legal and provided by the Caja. I used marijuana for severe chronic pain for a couple of years prior to back surgery, reducing my need for strong pain-killers. Without cannabis, I may have had a fatal OD on those medications. While few formal clinical trials exist for cannabis (because laws have prevented such trials), there is plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting positive health effects from the drug.

    Frankly, I would support full decriminalization of the substance for adults. It would provide much-needed tax revenue for the government and ensure quality for users It would also take Cannabis out of the illegal drug traffic, allowing law enforcement to focus attention on traffickers of harmful drugs and severing connections of otherwise law-abiding citizens to the black market .

    • Likk Mii

      When the govt here gets done taxing a joint will cost $50. They’ll probably also cut it 80% with barley so they can steal the rest and sell it on the side to supplement their $120/wk salaries.

  • Likk Mii

    Learning disabilities ? This country doesn’t even have books. Don’t worry about a little weed. The fluor has already caused irreparable brain damage.

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