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20 years

Atenas residents survive with just three hours of water per day

August 11th, 2014 ( Some 21,000 Atenas residents are being forced to adapt to living with just three hours of running water per day.


Residents must scramble in the early morning hours to shower and wash their clothes and dishes between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. – the only hours of the day that water flows from their taps.


While a plan exists to pipe in water from Tacares de Grecia, work on the project is stalled due to lack of agreement by the National Environmental Secretariat (Setena).


Worse still, if the disagreement cannot be resolved before September 7th, the State will be forced to compensate the company behind the project, known as MECO, more than $5.5 million USD.


Meanwhile, residents continue to fill containers with water each morning in order to make it through the remaining 21 hours of each day.


Residents complain that authorities have done nothing to solve the canton’s water problems, despite “several years” of complaints.  Even former president Laura Chinchilla had declared a health emergency due to Atenas’ water shortages.


The lack of water has also forced public schools in the canton to regularly suspend classes, and educators say there has been an increase in absenteeism because parents and children have no water to bathe or wash their school uniforms some mornings.


School cafeterias have also been forced to shutdown due to the lack of water, leading even more parents to keep their children home from school.


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  • mhogan

    Betcha’ the Presidente, the lawmakers, the Diputados all have water 24/7

  • Michael Clarkson

    This is the stuff the ICT in their corrupt tourist marketing do not tell tourist before moving here they paint a picture of a perfect paradise.

  • disgusted

    IF it this bad now,. During the ‘rainy” season wait till the dry season comes. Plus all these hydro dams take a enormous amour of water to function. From what I have seen and told. There great concern in the northern area and some places here in the valley for crops and animals. We need the next 12-16 weeks of rain everyday to make up what we do not have.

  • amserv

    Unless losing $5.5 million for breach of contract is part of the strategy, the bureaucrats who can’t agree should be locked in a room to beat the 7 September deadline.

    Paying money for liquidated damages is like putting your cash in a black, plastic bag and burning it: no benefit to the taxpayer at all.

  • roberto

    Do you remember the article that talked about the AyA losing 50% of its’ water because of their “leaky infrastructure?” But the article today does not mention who is the provider of water to Atenas.

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