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Court to hear from group that wants to eliminate Riteve

Riteve RTV

August 5th, 2014 ( The First Supreme Court (Sala I) will hear tomorrow a petition by the Costa Rican Association of Integrated Automotive Workshops (ATICO) to make void the 2002 authorization that put the Spanish-owned Riteve in charge of annual vehicle inspections in Costa Rica.


ATICO president, Eddie Gonzalez, said the union seeks the “absolute nullification” of the 2002 decision.


The union represents more than 80 automotive centers that prior to the arrival of Riteve were authorized by the government to provide annual vehicle inspection and certification.


Gonzalez and ATICO describe Riteve as a monopoly that has cost them millions of colones over the last 12 years.


“We have lost millions of colones, homes, vehicles, land; all this while Riteve accumulates ¢15 billion per year in revenue,” Gonzalez said.


The petition will be heard tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.


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  • Derryl Hermanutz

    Nothing against Riteve, but it sure doesn’t seem right to grant a monopoly to a foreign company and deprive your own people of the business.

    • Ken Morris

      Agreed. My guess though is that stfree is correct in saying that the network of pre-Riteve shops was so corrupt that an overhaul was required lest inspections remain a complete joke. To be sure, as prdatki comments, they continue to be circumvented, but I suspect less by the inspectors. I was shopping for tires once and discovered that I could rent tires for the day in order to get an inspection sticker.

  • stfree

    If you check back to the era leading up to RITEVE having the contract awarded, you would find that those “80 automotive centers” ATICO’s president refers to were riddled with corruption. Inspections were a expensive joke – subject to bribes, coercion and extortion. It would be better to eliminate the inspection process entirely than to regress to that time. Perhaps a single Tico company could now perform the requirements countrywide and bid against RITEVE. That would be better but I don’t see evidence of it happening. I certainly can’t see these 80 union shops investing in the sophisticated level of equipment that RITEVE has now. Even if all these 80 shops were to invest in the costly equipment to provide the current level of inspection, the return required on that investment against that much larger number of shops (RITIVE has 13) would make inspection costs rise dramatically.

  • prdatki

    If Riteve does such a good Job then why is there so many junk cars, trucks and buses on the road. They are like the last President stupid and crooked.

  • Bob Cash

    perhaps consideration should be given to de-centralizing the inspection services so that the farmers in the northern plains can deal with their problems a little differently than the metropolitan areas of the central valley ? – local knowledge is always better than central planning – si ?

  • Coffeemate

    Don’t forget that most of the employees are Costa Ricans

  • Glenn Klima

    My problem with RETIVE is that they do not treat all of us equally!

    ARTÍCULO 39.- Límites de ruido
    El Poder Ejecutivo determinará, mediante reglamento, las disposiciones aplicables en relación con las mediciones sonoras; para ello, los valores intermedios se establecerán según las características básicas del vehículo.
    La IVE incluirá la inspección y medición del ruido de las muflas y del freno del motor. Además, cuando la naturaleza constructiva del vehículo lo permita, deberán verificar la existencia y el correcto funcionamiento del freno de motor. En el caso de sobrepasar los límites de ruido, no se otorgará el certificado de inspección técnica respectivo.
    Todos los vehículos deberán utilizar silenciadores u otros mecanismos que contribuyan a disminuir los niveles de ruido producidos por sus motores, escapes y bocinas.
    PLENARIO – 24 – LEY N.º 9078
    Los vehículos que cuenten con frenos de motor deberán utilizar silenciador que impida sobrepasar los límites de ruido que se establezcan reglamentariamente. Asimismo, se prohíbe el uso de roncadores, muflas alteradas o muflas dañada

    If my vehicle must obey this law…then all of the Commercial Vehicles should be conforming to this same law.
    Has anyone seen an 18 wheeler in a RETIEVE Inspection station???

    Also Motos and Quads……

    If it has a “Placa” all should be assessed at the same limits!!

    RETIVE must be taking money from Palma Tica to pass the noise emission law…..

    Also most of the Big Trucka have windows that are wai darher tha I am allowed….

    Glenn Klima

    • darlin_deedee

      deedee says hello

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