Six suspects dressed as police assault hotel in Quepos

August 4th, 2014 ( At least six suspects wearing jackets marked “Policia” and “OIJ” held up a hotel in Quepos on Friday morning.


A police official identified the hotel as the “Hot Springs Lodge,” located 5 km east of the Catholic Church.


The men allegedly stormed the hotel brandishing firearms at about 9 a.m.  Some eight people present at the hotel were tied up and gagged.  One was later able too free himself and alert police.


According to police, the suspects made off with two firearms, $200, and two cellular phones.


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    • Michael Connolly

      WOW! With the earlier 11 guest rooms robbery at the Barcelo Resort, and now this one in police uniforms no less, this is likely to be a BIG hit to the tourism trade! Not good news, folks!

    • disgusted

      Knock knock whose there.. The OIJ and Police open up!. … Not so funny when your robbed. So what does the OIJ say to do. Call the 911 number saying there’s police here now what? Wait for confirmation.. I never answer my door when I hear a knock. Anyone of my friends knows to call me first as I do the same for them. Police or not!

    • Coffeemate

      I heard recently that there was some ‘police’ that tied up and robbed 4 persons in a home, after pretending to aprehend a cattle theif.

    • Andrew

      Wow! That’s quite a haul!
      Couple of guns, phones and C-notes.
      I wonder if that covered the cost of their costumes?