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20 years

Judge arrested for stealing bail, child support money freed from jail

August 1st, 2014 ( A criminal court judge in Upala, Alajuela, identified by the last name Leon who was arrested on July 24th on charges that he stole bail and child support funds, has been released from jail.


The decision to release Leon from preventive detention was made yesterday afternoon, overturning a previous decision that Leon should remain in preventive detention for 90 days.


As part of his release, Leon agreed to be suspended from his office and to not exercise any public functions for six months.  Leon was also ordered to not approach witnesses or the Criminal Court of Upala, where Leon worked as a criminal court judge.

According to the official investigation, in October of last year, a criminal defendant posted bail of ¢2 million, apparently delivered in cash to the judge. Prosecutors say the judge did not deposit the funds to the State but apparently pocketed the money instead.


The second incident occurred in April of this year, when the judge allegedly collected ¢320,000 from a man jailed for unpaid child support.  Those funds were supposed to be handed over to the mother of the man’s child, but the judge allegedly pocketed those funds as well.


The judge is charged with two counts of embezzlement, punishable by three to twelve years in prison.


Leon also worked as a judge in Cañas, Guanacaste.


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  • disgusted

    So it begins, the Kabuki dance. Judge Leon robbed/stole/ at least 3 million colons from a citizen here, while representing the courts. How about he repay the money first, then put up a hefty bond. However, no he is out free. Nothing about repayment and compensating the victims here. I suspect he is hiding all his assets if not already. Outcome will be what;” I am so sorry, that I was caught”. He will get a slap on the back and 1 year suspended sentence and maybe pay the victim… Oh then his job back in 6 months.. Just my take on this. I think there is unwritten code among the judges because it could be them next.

  • James F. Agnos

    The lawlessness in Costa Rica should send shock waves of terror among ex-pats. But all I see is “Pura Vida”. And they keep coming here. And they adopt a dishonest lifestyle as well. Leave your honor, and integrity at the border. You won’t be needing them here.

    • duke ster

      You sure put it correctly!

    • duke ster

      This country harbors the lowest forms of life on the planet–the Costa Ricans are of no moral value what so ever. They have no morals, cheat lie and steal with abandon. And the gringos who come here adopt the same–you are 100% correct-=Most gringos here are the lowest life forms as well. MOST I said. All in all–I am super happy I left==I took great losses in selling what I had there– I was stupid to come and invest–when I was in business the Ticos cheated me like there was no tomorrow. They actually think we are stupid when you can figure out what they are saying.And the ones you have to deal with when selling something offer pennies on the dollar while asking 10 times whatever they have is worth when they sell. I can’t figure them out–and everything you do is a fight against all reason. very Very frustrating navigating the social system here– and for what? For what I ask you? To stay in CR and live among the shit? The Ticos are shit==most of the Gringos are shit–the women all have their hands out and will cheat you no matter what good deeds you have done for them or their families. If you are good or kind to them– they take it as weakness and shit on you even more— You all can have costa Rica– pura shit is what I say.

    • duke ster

      They are mostly catholic–do NOT mistake this as them being Christian–they themselves will tell you when u ask/ Are you Christian? They reply I am catholic– they are NOT Christian–the Christian bible says you will not enter heaven if u lie or steal–it probably is not written the same in the catholic bible because almost the entire country of costa rica is destined to hell as the bible is written. the 10 commandments tell us to not steal==what part of “thou shall not steal” do the Ticos not understand? The catholic doctrine says the pope is above God and that God asks the pope if this or that is permitted or ok.. Don’t believe me? Read the catholic writings of the past popes. So the catholics follow satan–pure and simple. If you believe a man is above God and you worship that man–you are following the devil–pure and simple ! AND THEY WORSHIP AND PRAY TO STATUES– the bible says to NOT have any graven ( carved) images. The statues of Mary and infant are re-plays of Isis and her son the sun god Ra from ancient religions of the pre flood age. Study history my friend –that is if you are at all concerned as to where you will go once you close your eyes in this life. Tell me please–will you plan for a long trip? bring clothes necessary? Bring enough money etc? Yet when you close your eyes in this life– you will instantly go on the most important journey of all– have you planned for this journey? Do you plan where you will go? This is a very brief life– The bible describes it as a wisp of smoke in its longevity. So eternity is what is real–this life is a short test to see if you want to choose to live in eternity with God in paradise–or go with the other option–living for yourself and your earthly pleasures–see what the bible says about people who live for pleasure and selfishness and who lie and steal. Catholics praying to a statue and asking for favors? Where in the Christian bible does it say to pray to mary? You Gringos who have fled to Costa Rica to get away from what is coming to USA and find yourselves being asked for your papers because of the way you look? WAKE UP FOOLS!!! You have transferred your lives from the frying pan to the fire!!! YOU WILL BE the biggest targets EVER when the SHTF!!!!

  • turbooperator

    WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot,….. increible

  • Ken Morris

    I don’t mind that he was released, since I don’t like preventative detention and I doubt he’s a flight risk, but I don’t like the double standard that lets him out while others remain in jail.

    Take the gringo who’s now been in preventative detention months for an alleged real estate swindle. Sure, the gringo may be more of a flight risk, but his alleged crime is far less serious than the judge’s. A judge embezzling funds is a very serious crime against the public as a whole, while a real estate swindle is basically just a civil case. Indeed, who cares if the gringo flees back to Michigan? Those after him can sue him there. But the gringo rots in jail while the judge doesn’t.

    Or, consider the guys sitting in jail for failing to pay child support. Which is worse, failing to pay child support or having a judge steal it after it is paid but before it gets to the kids?

    I don’t think the issue here is that the judge got out. He deserves the right to defend himself against the charges before being punished, and for all we know he’s innocent. The issue is rather than others sit in jail when they should get out too.

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