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20 years

Judge arrested for stealing bail, child support money

July 25th, 2014 ( A criminal court judge in Upala, Alajuela, identified by the last name Leon, was arrested yesterday afternoon on charges that he stole bail and child support funds.


According to the official investigation, the first incident occurred in October of last year, when a criminal defendant posted bail of ¢2 million, apparently delivered in cash to the judge, which investigators say the judge did not deposit to the State but apparently pocketed the money instead.


The second incident occurred in April of this year, when the judge allegedly collected ¢320,000 from a man jailed for unpaid child support.  Those funds were supposed to be handed over to the mother of the man’s child, but the judge allegedly pocketed those funds as well.


Prosecutors announced yesterday that the judge would be charged with two counts of embezzlement, punishable by three to twelve years in prison.


Leon also worked as a judge in Cañas, Guanacaste.  The judge was arrested at an apartment he rented in Liberia.


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  • NorthendFool

    This case will go on and on and on and he will never go to prison.

  • Michael Clarkson

    I am sure he will get off and stay in politics he will probably be promoted.

  • James F. Agnos

    It is exactly this type of corruption which draws criminal types from the United States, and from all over the world to Costa Rica. From common swindlers to millionaires, it’s the perfect country for the shady deal.

  • disgusted

    I agree with , James, Michael and Northendfool, We as the public will never hear how this really plays out. Was he fired, did he have to pay back the money did he go to prison? We see a story like this of mass corruption among those who should be upholding the laws. Your right jasmes, this just gives everyone here a free pass. My question, Is President Solis any different than the other Presidents we have had?? Or are they cut from the same cloth?

  • James F. Agnos

    Fraud? The Suzuki Dealership where I bought my new car defrauded INS for $2,000.00 on a claim I made; by charging INS, AND the Suzuki factory warranty (Japanese). I reported this Fraud to the Head of the Fraud Division of INS in downtown San Jose. He didn’t even take a note. He couldn’t have cared less. I had the irrefutable evidence of fraud in my hands. He wouldn’t even look at it.

    • disgusted

      My friend a gringo bought theft insurance from INS. They came to his condo wrote down the serial numbers, inventory even took pictures. He had the original sales slips and prices. Okay paid for 1 yrs now . Was robbed, Door broken and even secirtity confirmed a robbery. Police came so many enter the condo and being questioned he was sure more stuff was being taken. Fast forward now 10 months later still INS is contesting and slow pay. Not one dime been paid.Something about he did not secure the premise , What a crock! He has a 10 million colon to be reimburse. They still expect him to pay the monthly premium which he has. Now after 2 lawyers he still fighting for what he should have had already. INS I don’t trust very much.

  • roberto

    From the bottom to the very, very top of society. Have you seen how bus passengers always count their change while looking for a seat? Countless examples after living here for the past 20 years and just yesterday!….I stopped to buy 10.000 colones of gasoline. The young kid thought that I was a tourist. I asked for ‘diez mil regular’ and held up my 10 fingers. When I looked at the pump, it read 10.000 liters and 7.120 colones venta!!!!! He dummied up and added 2.880 colones more gas. After 20 years, I still check the gas pumps before leaving the stations.

  • El Torito

    Such a glaringly obvious lack of foresight on the part of many Ticos is another trait I find puzzling in this culture. Did this guy not think that the woman wouldn’t make a fuss when her support payment didn’t land in her hands? (Beware the wrath of an ex-spouse!)
    For betraying his position of trust, this judge, in a just society, would receive the maximum penalty for each charge. (Too bad he can’t be charged with stupidity as well.) However, given the home grown Mafia that controls the judicial system in this country, I must agree with the other skeptics in this discussion, as to what the true outcome of this case will be.

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