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Intentional poisoning of water supply serving 8,000 being described as “terrorism”

July 23rd, 2014 ( An unknown suspect or suspects intentionally dumped large quantities of at least six different toxic pesticides and fungicides into the water system serving 8,000 residents of the communities of Higuito de Desamparados and Copalchí de Cartago.


The discovery was made yesterday afternoon, when at least 15 empty bags and other containers of the toxic chemicals were discovered lying next to a supply tank.


At least eight people have been taken to the hospital so far, suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms as a result of what community leaders are calling an “act of terrorism.”


Water service to the communities has been suspended indefinitely, and the Red Cross, health officials, and police have been placed on alert.


Authorities began to deliver potable water to the communities by truck yesterday, and will resume at 6 a.m. this morning, notifying residents over loudspeakers.


Authorities have not identified any potential suspects or motive at this time.

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  • duke ster

    Now that’s a downright fu*kin SHAME!!! Say or think what you want about the people of Costa Rica but unless you are ready to wipe them out like a biblical mandate to wipe out the children of satan ( which is what went on in the Bible stories about God commanding Hebrew soldiers to wipe out entire peoples and their animals–they were cross bred with satanic fallen angels and their offspring so don’t believe God was too harsh here. The only way to put an end to a whole people is to wipe out every living thing. And I don’t think the most steadfast Foreigner Tico hater would be ready to kill these innocent children who could be saved from becoming a thieving Tico with proper guidance. WHO IN THE FU*K would poison a whole town’s water supply? This is OUTRAGEOUS!!! Here is where the Costa Rican government should call in the OIJ and give them the mandate to find these despicable devils who did this to the water supply. can you imagine watching your infant child suffering because he or she drank this water?
    The CR government should come up with some special fund to offer a reward to find these perps. ( they could easily come up with some fast cash from selling the drugs they confiscate but the problem is to get the cash away from the greedy hands of the politicals in charge of selling the ill gotten gains and they are probably hanging onto every cent to buy more fancy cars and women. But surely someone at the top could see to it that a fund is created to get to the bottom of who did this and take care of them permanently. Sadly the Tico mindset doesn’t work this way and their greed is too deep to part with I colon. But why? Why poison children? Why? I am sick to my stomach at what these soul less asswippes have done now. These people have not advanced one inch from their tribal ways of just a few grandfathers prior.

  • Hydrangea

    Yay, Dukester, you have now solved all the problems of our country and insulted us as well. Please go home.

    • duke ster

      I don’t understand you. I am angry that someone has poisoned the water and hurt innocent people and especially attacking innocent children and you tell me to go home? Maybe people like you who attack those of us who are angry at low lifes who poison children instead of showing anger at those who did the poisoning? Must be a Tico–who else would come up with such twisted reasoning?

    • duke ster

      Hydranga-I don’t really want to solve your problems–you stay there and rot and get all your stuff stolen and suffer living amongst the thieving bastards. As for the insulting ? Well don’t you think your people all have it coming for your lying, stealing, cheating ways? I mean my God–not an instant of peace while living there==always watching your belongings–always counting your change–always fighting to understand why you Ticos act the way you do–why stay there> Believe me–I got out long ago. How about living in a cage? Does that suit you? I live in a sweet community where we don’t even have to lock our doors, we leave stuff lying all around in our yards and in the driveways–we don’t have to lock everything up and watch it every second. Although I did live in a community full of Latinos and I did have to watch everything every second or it would have disappeared. A Cuban even warned me when I moved in -to not believe anything another Cuban said that they all lie. I didn’t understand at 1st as they seemed genuine to me–but I soon learned that the Latinos lie so much that it is 2nd nature so you don’t know they are lying.But I learned about latinos– if their lips are moving, they are lying. So not to put blame on yopu Ticos alone–ALL latinos are thieves and Liars–that is MOST–not everyone-but one thing I learned for sure–Ticos HATE Gringos-it’s a jealous hate, stemming from their misunderstanding that money doesn’t fall from trees but that the Gringos have money because they worked hard for it. A Latino believes if you have something which is not locked well enough–they steal it because you didn’t really want it anyway

  • sunnyblues

    The term “terrorism” describes it quite well.

  • disgusted

    Guanacaste has arsenic in the water, Filtration clay and rusty nails. Now this someone purposefully poisoning the water this should be 40 yrs in jail! You wonder how clean our water really is in CR.

  • expatin paradise

    Perhaps this will be the stimulus needed for the government to curtail the use of pesticides and require that purchases of pesticides be registered. Costa Rica uses far more pesticides per hectare of cultivated land than any other country on the planet. It is no mystery that so many people are suffering renal failure and other illnesses, as such illnesses have been directly linked to roundup herbicide and other pesticides. If something isn’t done soon, it won’t take a deliberate act such as the present one to have the same result. The duty exemption on pesticides should be revoked, and the government should educate farmers in the judicial use of these toxins.

    • duke ster

      Wow I didn’t know CR used so many poisons. I guess then that they are not regulated at all as to what they spray on the vegetables? That’s alarming. I lived in a poor neighborhood where the local families sold fruit which everyone knew they stole from nearby farmers–well we bought some and were instantly sick and I reasoned that the farmers knew of the other Tico thieves and put super poison on the crops they were aware that they were stealing–so we stopped buying from them–but even today they are still in business, stealing from the Farmers’ fields. I guess there are a lot of poisoned people in my old neighborhood. Too bad the farmers couldn’t simply shoot the thieves. F ‘in Tico thieving bastards.

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