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RECOPE withdraws request for another large increase in fuel prices


July 16th, 2014 ( The Costa Rican Oil Refinery (RECOPE) has withdrawn a request to regulator ARESEP for another large increase in fuel prices.


RECOPE had filed a request with the regulator on July 9th to increase the price of premium gasoline by ¢29 per liter and regular gasoline by ¢27 per liter.


RECOPE executive president, Sara Salazar said the request was made without her permission or knowledge.


Salazar said requests for price adjustments were previously handled independently by the Administrative and Finance division of RECOPE, without the involvement of the Executive President, but Salazar had issued an order upon taking up her post that all such requests must now be made with her knowledge and approval.


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  • duke ster

    Man o Man does this sound like a load of pure bullshit! So we are to believe that BEFORE Sara came along, the Recope organization had the ability to “ask” to raise prices at will- WITHOUT –WITHOUT – even consulting with the organizations’ president? But NOW ( with Sara at the helm) The Recope organization must consult with their boss before “asking” to raise prices? 1st of all. I wonder how many times in the history of Recope that they have been denied when “asking” for a price increase. And 2nd, now that the Recope organization must consult Sara, the president, should we then believe that Recope will step back and not raise prices at will? Are we to believe that now because Sara is at the helm , that fuel prices will be held down somehow? Even the current President of Costa Rica admits he doesn’t understand how or why the prices go up all the time and admits he is powerless to do anything about the regular painful price increases. Sounds like the Recope organization are the ones who are actually in control doesn’t it? Why should they follow any rules of law when there doesn’t seem to be any laws of oversight in place? I want to get a job in that organization, or at least be able to buy stock in it. Does anyone know how to purchase stock in Recope? I Imagine the income from owning stocks have the potential to make one earn a very tidy sum on a regular basis.

    • expatin paradise

      I’m wondering who gets to ask for a price decrease, now that the dollar, whose increased value was cited for price increases, is down below where it was at the time of the last few increases.

  • NorthendFool

    If i had no choice of places to live and was born and raised in CR then it would all be different. Considering I have options to pick and choose where i want to live makes suffering in CR a real stupid choice. The health care issues are horrendous. Never ever let anyone in CR cut on you, fly to the states immediately. Have your neighbors tried to kill you lately and steal your land? Gasoline is $6 per gallon. The C fluctuates everyday and you have to watch it constantly. Still with the exchange at 5.48 to 1 they still try to do the 500 to 1 deal. Do you trust your attorney? Have you noticed the thousands of homes for sale? i WONDER WHY!

    • expatin paradise

      Fool, just curious – why do you stay here. You keep expressing your unhappiness at being here. If you really have options to live elsewhere, why not exercise one of them?

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