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Four Nicaraguan men arrested in rape of young U.S. tourist

UPDATE / EDITOR’S NOTE: The alleged victim has declined to press charges in the case.  Click here for the latest story.

July 15th, 2014 ( Four Nicaraguan constructions workers have been arrested in connection to the alleged gang-rape of a 19-year-old U.S. student from Wisconsin who was in Costa Rica as part of a study tour.


The young woman was allegedly raped by multiple attackers over the weekend in La Fortuna de San Carlos, a popular tourist town that is home to the Arenal Volcano.


According to the victim, she was attacked after leaving a bar-restaurant called ‘El Establo.’


The girl told police that the men took her to an empty house on the edge of the main road and raped her on the patio.


The four Nicaraguan men, aged between 27 and 35, were arrested Tuesday while working at a nearby construction site.


The suspects were placed at the time and location of the rape by several witnesses.  Authorities plan to present the men to witnesses in a lineup shortly.


Editor’s note: Our original report of the crime, made earlier today, stated that the victim was 17 years of age.  New information indicates that victim is in fact aged 19.



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  • expatin paradise

    So they rounded up the usual suspects? They couldn’t find three more Nicas to complete the number of rapists reported by the victim?

    • Ken Morris

      I wondered the same thing, as I also noted that the press had to identify the guys as Nicas. Whatever.

      • Roberto Vidal

        Because that is what they are, Nicaraguans, and illegal ones.. By the way you are always saying great things about them.

        • Ken Morris

          If you pay attention, you will notice that the local press never identifies Tico suspects as Ticos, but only identifies those who are foreign born by national origins. The effect is to heighten xenophobia. Sometimes, such as in cross-national crimes, the national origins of the suspects are relevant, but this isn’t the case for a rape allegation. Responsible journalism therefore only mentions national origins when they are pertinent to the story. Here the message is, “Nicas are rapists.”

          It’s also puzzling that the initial allegation was a gang rape by 7 men, yet only 4 were arrested. It makes you wonder whether the other three might have been of a different national origin.

          And, while you may be right that the Nica suspects were illegal, I find nothing in any of the stories to suggest this. I do see that they are identified as construction workers. This tells me that either they were legal or that some Tico was benefiting from the exploitation of Nica labor.

          Yep, as a national group, I like Nicas very much. I like Ticos too, but at the end of the day I have found Nicas to be of astonishingly good character, on the average. (Of course there are bad apples.) One poor Nica darn near saved my life, and may have, when he didn’t have to, and another is let me say a long-term companion I admire very much. The prejudice against Nicas in Costa Rica is not only morally but also factually wrong.

          Nicas don’t commit most of the crimes, they are actually under represented as patients in the Caja, and they aren’t lazy or dishonest.

  • roberto

    NEWS UPDATE: Sources of Judicial Investigation (OIJ) confirmed that the alleged rape victim in La Fortuna de San Carlos is refusing to recognize and acknowledge the four suspects for assault.
    The woman has refused and has withdrawn her complaint to proceed with the prosecution.
    Due to the decision of the woman to not move forward with the prosecution, the authorities had to release the subjects.