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Six police officers fired after story of shooting at President Solis’ home unravels

July 14th, 2014 ( Six police officers have lost their job after their story of coming under gunfire from two men on a motorcycle while guarding the home of Costa Rican president, Luis Guillermo Solís, unraveled on Friday.


An investigation revealed that the incident was, in fact, a case of friendly fire, after one of the officers accidently discharged his firearm, striking another officer in the leg.


Investigators were quickly able to determine that the shot was fired from within the police vehicle.


The injured officer was taken in stable condition to Hospital Calderón Guardia after the incident.


The officers involved may also face charges of filing a false police report and other offenses.


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  • duke ster

    Does anyone doubt the level of pure stupidity involved here? Just allowing Ticos to be Ticos is very entertaining. We really don’t need to say anything here., just save stories like these and send them to any bleeding hearts out there who stick up for these idiots. One story I read was of a woman who wrote how proud she was to be accepted by her Tico neighbors as one of “them”. She was so proud to be accepted as what she deemed as another “Tico”. What a bleeding heart asswipe. To come from a culture like the United States where , on the whole, we are an honest, goodhearted people, and to be downgraded to a Tico. a people famous for their stealing, lying, and outright mean spirited driving habits. and not to mention their attitude of not accepting fault or guilt or having more than 1 second of gratefulness for any favor or gifting, is something to be proud of? I hope that woman and her milk sop husband are forever trapped in Ticolandia and see how it turns out for them should they find themselves in a position of not having money and having to find out exactly how these Ticos actually think of Americans..

    • stfree

      Yes, every culture has it’s own jerks and a-holes. And as your post proves, gringos are right up there with the best of them.

      • duke ster


      • duke ster

        So you want to throw your hat into the ring as starting a fight with a gringo? You and the Ticos? You back all the stupid and selfish and small minded, thieving, lying ways of the ticos? Or am I mistaken? because if I am mistaken-I apologize.

    • toolman78

      And I assume you are a shining example of that goodhearted culture, as you so eloquently demonstrate.
      Seriously, what was the point of your comment other than to spew vitriol?

      • duke ster

        Oh, I see we have found the milk sop husband!

      • duke ster

        Yeah you Tool, ( what a perfect name for you, the tool?) Do u have a problem with what I am saying? Tough! Don’t read it then you, you, you… Tool ! hahahahaha The good thing is that I am able to write what I want and since I found out that it bothers you, I will keep doing it. With all the stupid things Ticos do. you want to pick a fight with someone about it? I think you are turning into a Tico, ( not a far drop for you, Tool) What a TOOL! hahahaha such a perfect name– “Tool”.Except a more appropriate name for you is “ToolBoy” hahahaha.–no-even better-ToolBoy theTico! hahahaha

        • toolman78

          Thanks, I don’t think I could have possibly you seem more the fool than you just did. Time this troll goes on a diet.

          • duke ster

            Although your statement doesn’t make sense (are you drunk again or… still?) I guess you are welcome. maybe you should stop trying to censure statements by others and quit trying to appear to be on a moralistic level above others and just shut up and leave others alone when they want to vent or maybe give their opinions about Costa Rican culture–huh? Your opinion has no more value than mine or any other person–it’s just an opinion so stop trying to appear the moral judge. If I or any other person wants to “spew” this or that or whatever–it’s not up to you to regulate anyone else’s opinion. After all , your job as God didn’t last very long and now that you have been fired–again, shut up ok? And that goes for any one else who wants to be a hero of the Tico’s. There are plenty of Gringos who have lived here just long enough to realize that the lying, cheating, despicable low life ways that pass for normal behavior down here, are really just that-low down, morally bankrupt actions by a morally bankrupt people who would be put in their place REALLY quickly if they tried any of those pathetic actions in the USA. Like the horn honking even BEFORE the traffic light changes, like they are owners of the road and you have disrupted their lives by even being in your car on THEIR road. Why don’t you get out of the way HONK HONK – Those kind of asshole provocative pushy actions would earn them a punch in the face FAST where I come from. We don’t put up with asshole actions like that and consider those actions as asking for a fight. We also don’t try to cheat each other out of money at EVERY TURN, we also keep our word in business and personal matters. The word of a Tico means ZERO–absolutely ZERO. In the USA a man’s word is his bond and we know when a man is not worthy of his word and treat him accordingly–In Costa Rica a lie is waiting on the lips of each Tico in business and personal matters.He is waiting to cheat you and lie and take advantage of you in every way at every turn. How in the heck can we do business, make a friendship–have any communication with people like this? Truly a shit people and YOU and other bleeding heart asswipes want to stick up for them? Just don’t mess with me if you don’t like hearing the truth and hearing how I feel. Don’t read my posts then. Keep your worthless thoughts to yourself then and if you post how you feel about your dealings with Ticos–you have the right and I won’t write anything nasty about you. Go ahead–tell us all about the honorable dealings you have had with Ticos–tell us how a Tico has done you a really good deed and how happy you are living amongst them==Tell us how and why you love the way they deal in business and in personal matters–they actually HATE us if you really want to hear the truth but-Go ahead–we are waiting to hear all about your marvelous experiences with them.

          • Frank Castle

            If you live in Costa Rica, you have a self hate complex. As a gringo, we have the same thing going on with the folks here too. Costa Rica has good, bad and indifferent like every country in the planet does. Why don’t you find something positive to talk about?

          • duke ster

            Gee Frank I didn’t realize you were my life coach! Thanks for that extremely well thought out ,informative important thought from your head. I will talk about whatever I want dude and if you don’t like it–just don’t read it. I am informing people of what is really going on in Costa Rica and warning about the possible pitfalls of not being fully insured and more interesting anecdotes from my experiences here. I believe my stories are interesting. How about others relating their wild and weird experiences from their time in Costa Rica, I for one would love to hear such stories and will look forward to hearing them, positive OR negative. I’ll bet no one had heard of the unfortunate experience the Canadian guy had at the hospital, having his kidney stolen but maybe YOU can put your positive spin on it. Maybe knowing that this kind of thing happens even today in modern Costa Rica might put someone on their guard and help them avoid a similar experience. If YOU would like to start a positive Costa Rica experience post–please go ahead and we will all be enthralled by your stories I am sure. You might call it “Frank’s positive experiences with the lovely, honest, appreciative truth telling people of Costa Rica” But you can be sure I won’t be telling you what to write as you are attempting to point my stories in a direction you think is right. How exactly did you gain the right to tell someone else what to write anyway? Are you someone of such importance that you have the right to tell me what to write? Oh-I didn’t think so. So for my money-you can shut up and start your positive reports on Tico life. How about the Italian/ American who lived up north in Guanacaste-does anyone know what became of him? He caught a Tico breaking into his car to try to steal it and confronted the thief. Somehow he ended up stabbing and killing the Tico piece of shit thief and he was arrested and taken to jail. I wonder if anyone knows what became of the poor guy who was just defending his property. We used to hang horse thieves in the old days. Here in Costa Rica I wouldn’t want to get caught killing a Tico for any reason. Then you will find out what happens to Gringos–Hey maybe Frank will tell us a positive story about the poor hapless Gringo who was just defending his hard earned property. Tell us MR positive , happy happy happy.

  • Ben

    Costa Rica fired some goverment great news now if they could layoff all the MOPT a-holes life would be great and kill the high goverment pensions. Costa Rica will rock is they fired more lazy goverment.

    • duke ster

      You are right. If Costa Rica had a Mayor like Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao Philippines ( they call him Duterte Harry) who has his own private death squads that kill thieves, Ticolandia would be a very sparsely populated country. Vote for Rodrigo Duterte for President of Costa Rica!!!

    • expatin paradise

      I also have problems with the lack of a work ethic of bureaucrats here, whether they work for government, a bank, or any other organization in which they do not have an ownership interest. Certainly, organizations should be made more efficient, and employees should be better trained to provide customer assistance. When it comes to some police officers, clearly some need better firearms training. I can’t agree, however, that we need fewer law-enforcement officers. When we have carjackings and smashed windows at intersections, we don’t need fewer cops. When it takes over an hour for an officer to appear at a crash site, we don’t need fewer MOPT officers. I do object to MOPT focusing efforts on ticketing speeders when most accidents are related to illegal and dangerous driving practices that are unrelated to speed, but we need many more officers at intersections and distributed in such a way that car crashes don’t block intersections for extended periods.

      • duke ster

        I guess we need to realize that these people haven’t been driving that long, in the scheme of things. Most people haven’t had that many years of actual experience as we , from the USA and other developed countries have. I was driving down a mountain road at night–pitch black- and came upon a Tico , going in the same direction,riding a motorcycle-of course without a tail light of any kind, and having his helmet up, talking on a cell phone and driving slowly–what an idiot. Sometimes I think these Ticos just want you to kill them and put an end to their miserable lives. What else would make someone do such a stupid action? Another time ( when I 1st arrived here and didn’t know any better) I was riding back from the beach at night in the back seat of a car driven by a Tico. He had to get something out of the trunk so he STOPPED the car —DEAD stop in the road, on a black night on a curving mountain road–stopped the car and got out to retrieve something from the trunk—well I was so scared by this that I began praying in earnest that some big truck wouldn’t come barreling around this blind curve and wipe out my life– I could care less about any of the idiot Ticos– I wanted to survive. I mean who could care about them continuing to live–after witnessing their careless attitude about their life and the lives of others–especially mine– which I hold very dear by the way, I really couldn’t care about their lives–especially after witnessing their idea of the value of life– they obviously didn’t seem to hold much value on continued living so why should I? Watch them sometime when they are driving and in front of you they approach a blind curve and pass the car in front of them–you almost want to see an oncoming car -isn’t that a crazy attitude? Wishing a car would actually come from the opposite direction just as the idiot Tico has made his careless passing move –direct into a blind curve? I guess it is rather a mean spirited attitude–especially if the person coming would be a responsible , conscientious driver, but then again, how many of those actually exist in Costa Rica? Only the few Gringos who haven’t lived here that long. Because I have found that when Gringos live here long enough they start getting some of the asswipe traits of the Ticos rubbing off on them. I admit that I have seen some of the low life traits creeping into my life, until I hopefully catch myself and get rid of the evil thoughts. LIke during a purchase , for example, when you are given the opportunity to cheat on payment or such– because sometimes you will find yourself dealing with a Tico and he gives you the opportunity and the option presents itself to actually go ahead and act like “them”. That is the time to shake it off and realize you are NOT a Tico and catch yourself before you start slipping on the slippery Tico slope to becoming like a Tico. Warning Warning Warning–don’t let it happen guys—keep your good, honest traits which were taught to you when you were young and living in the USA where these good traits are taught to us by our parents and other adults either by example or actual teaching. You see the ticos teach their children to lie and steal–oh yes it’s true! Children watch as their parents lie and steal and cheat every day in their young lives. They learn that it is ok to lie– didn’t you just see Mommy lie and daddy too? Didn’t you see how daddy took advantage of that person in that exchange? Didn’t you see daddy lie about what just happened> Yes it’s sad but true. These children learn from watching the despicable behavior traits of their parents–which have been passed down from their parents and so on. A fascinating example of these evil traits became apparent to me as I watched a television documentary about some missionaries who came to some south American tribe who had never seen a white man before. The missionaries tried to show them how to conserve the supplies they brought–only to see the natives carelessly use it all up at once, wasting much of it. And I watched as the natives tried ( unsuccessfully) to trick the missionaries into drinking some water which they had poisoned so the natives could kill them to steal whatever they had. And the whole time the natives had a big smile on their faces while they tried their evil treachery. So I learned that this evil purpose seems to come from the ingrained evil present in the natives from the inception, They didn’t learn these evil ways from the white man, they had them already. Well I thought it interesting – the comparison with smiling Ticos who will steal from you and cheat you –all the while smiling and hiding their true evil thoughts and actions. It seems it comes direct from the evil implanted in their hearts from day one when they were birthed in the jungle and it hasn’t changed over the centuries of exposure to better cultures. Does anyone ever think that these people have some kind of gene which makes them stupid? Think about it. Have you ever wondered why they are so stupid and do such idiotic things? Food for thought. Some reader named Frank just informed me that I should only write positive things on these posts. Well give me some positive information and see what happens. Because I see a lot of negative , incredibly stupid actions going on and so I write about what I see. I was in the back of a Taxi in downtown San Jose and thought about punching the taxi driver in the back of the head as he drove his taxi almost into the legs of some poor hapless woman who was just trying to cross the street ( with the crowd) he was laughing as she scrambled to get out of his way. I swear if he had hit that poor defenseless woman I would have done what I could to end his asshole actions permanently and FAST! Why is it that the Ticos get so pushy and mean as soon as they get behind the wheel of a car? Possibly because it is the only time these cowardly asswipes feel confident enough to confront someone with their true feelings? This is when the true character of the average Tico comes out for all to see– when they are in the drivers seat of a big car.

  • El Torito

    What continues to puzzle me about this story is, why the cop who got shot chose to go along with the hoax. Was he afraid, perhaps, his partner might shoot him again if he didn’t?

    • duke ster

      Ha ha-afraid his partner would shoot him again–Funny–but maybe you are right? Why else would he go along with it? I mean here he is–in pain and bleeding and probably afraid of his idiot partner shooting him again hahaha.. You have a great point!

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