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Russian president, Vladimir Putin makes surprise visit to Nicaragua

HAVANA, CUBA – JULY 11: President of Russia Vladimir Putin (L) greets President of Cuba Raul Castro (R) during an official visit at Revolution Palace on July 11, 2014 in Havana, Cuba.


July 14th, 2014 ( Russia’s president began a six-day tour of Latin American countries on Friday, and made an unscheduled visit to Nicaragua.


Vladimir Putin’s first stop Friday was Cuba where he met with Cuban President Raul Castro.


The two countries signed a number of accords, including one that forgives 90 percent of Cuba’s Russian debt, totaling more than $30 billion, and another that allows for the exploration of oil off Cuba’s northern coast.


Putin also had an hour-long meeting with Fidel Castro, the “Father of the Cuban Revolution.”


The Russian leader then flew to Nicaragua Friday night for a one-hour meeting with President Daniel Ortega.


“This is the first time that a Russian president visits Nicaragua,” Ortega said glowingly during a brief media event at the airport, where he welcomed Putin along with his wife and the head of Nicaragua’s army.


Putin said his government intends to continue strengthening economic ties with Nicaragua.  Before his trip, Putin had said he was particularly interested in Latin America’s oil and bauxite.


Costa Rica earlier this year expressed its concern over deepening military ties between Russia and Nicaragua.  Russia has its eyes on expanding its military presence by establishing military bases in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba according to a statement earlier this year by Russian Defense Minister, Serguei Shoigu.


Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, has always maintained friendly relations with Russia, which for its part has donated military hardware to the country and participated in training and joint exercises.


For Costa Rica, the idea of a Russian military base in Nicaragua is worrying.


“It’s part of the plan of intimidation that Nicaragua is pushing in the region, arming themselves with the most modern weapons and equipment […] Russia has been involved in supporting Nicaragua on several occasions and would supply [naval assets] to Nicaragua,” Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo told the digital newspaper,, earlier this year.


After his one hour meeting with Ortega, Putin flew to Argentina to meet with President Cristina Fernandez.


Putin’s journey to Latin America comes as he is under pressure from the West to help restrain pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine and urge them to find a negotiated solution.


Putin was in Rio de Janeiro Sunday for the World Cup final where Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was set to officially hand over World Cup responsibilities to the Russian leader, whose country hosts the next global tournament in 2018.


The Russian president plans to attend a summit of the BRICS group of nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa –  being held in Brazil.


VOA contributed to this report.

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  • NorthendFool

    I told you he would show up and swap spit with Ortega. Who cares.

  • expatin paradise

    Not a surprise. Putin is flexing his famous muscles all over the globe and trying to forge stronger alliances, even establishing military bases, with Socialist governments.

    • duke ster

      Did you see Obama’s reply to Putin–no wait it was the vice president,Biden, he said the USA is so strong militarily as to be untouchable by Putin or anyone else- “we” have no rivals and all Putin can do is talk because he can’t do anything viable or real in changing the course of America or what we choose to do. Very blatant- very strong talk. He also said he looked in Putin’s eyes and told him to his face that he had no soul. To which Putin replied” Now you understand me”.
      .(Reuters) – Vladimir Putin has no soul, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden concluded after meeting with the Russian leader at the Kremlin in 2011, according to an article in the New Yorker published online on Monday.

      Biden told the magazine about his 2011 visit with Putin, who at the time was prime minister, and said he found himself just inches away from the Russian leader.

      “I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul,’” Biden told the magazine. “He looked back at me, and he smiled, and he said, ‘We understand one another.’”

  • Iddy Yutt

    Suddup ya dumb fuggin Ticos. Go put your toilet paper in the trash can and drink some arsenic while you chant ‘ Pooduhhh Veeeduhhh” Idiots.

    • duke ster

      Funny–why is it that they can’t figure out how to build a proper septic system? They study and copy almost everything else the Americans do because we have hundreds of years and many generations of European ancestry–make that many generations of fine, intelligent,cultured European ancestry. WE ( most of us expats) didn’t just crawl out of the jungle like these people have. Do you realize that just a few grandfathers ago these people were in a tribe on this land? It wasn’t until they were invaded by the Spanish adventurer searching for Gold for the Queen or King that they were impregnated by the soldiers which lead to this current group of Indians/mixed with the genes of Spanish explorers and hirees onto an expedition financed by the king of Spain. Who would have been on board such a vessel and part of such a crew?Let’s surmise… The outcasts of the day in Spain . The men who didn’t have land or the means to do well in their country. Most likely those who were escaping certain upcoming jail time or who had no other viable options in their own country as to take a trip into the unknown, dangerous world which had not yet been explored. Sure some were adventurers or the captains were certainly from a higher blend of genes but how many offspring came from cultured fore bearers? Likely not many. So there you have it–a culture of Indians mixed with some genepool of slaves/ convicts/ losers from Spain and thereby at least some European mixture. And just a few grandfathers ago. Not much time to gain a cultural upstep, in fact none at all. So why can’t they understand how to make a septic system which is capable of flushing their waste? Who knows? They probably just don’t care to upgrade their lives and are comfortable handling paper filled with shit and then putting the shit filled paper in a can by the toilet so it can sit there and continue to stink and fill the air with small particles of shit so they can enjoy breathing it. Only God knows the true answer to this age old question , the rest of us are left to surmise the answers to this horrific act which continues passing comfortably from generation to generation which in this culture changes every 12 years or so. About the length of time it will take them to actually dig a large enough hole and save enough money to buy larger plumbing pipe.So many many many are inbred. Look at any town or area. They ( most) have never traveled outside their small area, they all resemble each other–from the given area.Even some neighbor hoods are never traveled outside of. In fact I will swear I see the same girl over and over in different places when I fully know and understand it could not be the same person. That is how inbred these people are. You can tell certain tribes by the similarity of their features.They have sex with girls in their neighborhood starting from the age of 12 and certainly they have sex their nieces and daughters and sometimes sisters but more often it will be their cousin or young niece which they take advantage of, this is my personal, studied opinion and thesis on why the people here stay within their narrow confines of cultural practices.

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