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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
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Police guarding Costa Rican president’s home come under gunfire

UPDATE / EDITOR’S NOTE: It appears that the officers involved fabricated the story after one officer accidentally discharged his firearm, striking another officer in the leg. 

July 11th, 2014 ( Two men on a motorcycle opened fire on police officers guarding the home of Costa Rican president, Luis Guillermo Solís in Barrio Escalante shortly after 1 a.m. this morning.


Initial reports indicate that the gunmen fired a “hail of bullets” at police.


One of the police officers was shot in the left leg and taken in stable condition to Hospital Calderón Guardia.


Officers were unable to capture the gunmen, and there are no suspects or clear motive for the shooting at this time.


The Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) and the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) have launched an effort to identify and capture the shooters.


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  • disgusted

    Couple of things come to mind. Was this just a random shooting? was this a message being sent to the President? Solis, now will have to be very aware were ever he goes and security. What a shame! I could remember the Presidents here mingling with the public I wonder if that will change. OIJ, I have little hope they will find the culprits. UNLESS, there were cameras recording the area. If they do catch them keep them locked up and not have some judge release them like they do here. President Solis take care and be safe.

    • disgusted

      So some stupid cops shot his partner accidentally While guarding the President Solis. Then they made up a cock and bull story. Amazing!
      1. Police that bold face lie.. can they be fired?
      2. Pres. Solis being protected by a bunch of liars and no ethic.
      3. Make a cover story.. No es mi culpa.

      I bet these cops get a “‘ free pass”" and just reassigned to your neighborhood. Great just what we need.

      • Timothy Williams

        Luckily, it seems the police officers (who specifically lied about the events) have all been permanently terminated.

        • roberto

          Now they will probably be hired as guards in my condominium. Great :>(

          • Timothy Williams

            Even if we tried our hardest, we seriously could not make this stuff up.

        • El Torito

          I hope you meant their employment has been terminated and not they, themselves. That would really put a nasty twist to this story, wouldn’t it?

          • Timothy Williams

            LOL. Yes, their employment. I edited my previous comment to make that clear now. With such a strange story, I suppose anything could happen.

  • roberto

    Wonder if someone made a recording of the Costa Rican version of “Hail to the Chief?” The gunmen could use it as their new ringtone.

    • duke ster

      Funny Roberto–funny comment

      • roberto

        Car 54, Where are You? Officers Toody and Muldoon were always getting into trouble.

  • duke ster

    Here is what to do, Put out a BIG reward to find the culprits. Somebody knows who perpetrated this action. These loser types are usually loose lipped as they eventually brag about it over some Pilsens, down at the local watering hole. Then use some old fashioned door kicking to round them up. take them out somewhere and take care of them. Have the heads found and have the press make big headlines about finding the perps heads with notes stuffed in their mouths which will be hand written confessions in their own handwriting. This kind of poorly thought out yet possibly harmful to the public perception of presidential safety will come to an immediate Halt. Take a good look at Davao Philippines –run by Rodrigo Duterte for so many years. Here is a city in southern Philippines–SURROUNDED by two muslim armies and a communist army as well. No one comes into Davao and causes problems because Rodrigo has his private death squads who take care of business FAST! In broad daylight even. If you have stolen, sold drugs or generally pissed of the Mayor, you will soon be found by word of mouth and a black motorcycle with 2 men on it will drive up to you WHEVER you are, and simply put 45 slugs into you. And if–that is if you ever are picked up and put into a police van for transport to the jail, 100 % guarantee you will “attempt an escape” and wind up shot several times with, again, the gun of choice the 45. NO ONE ever makes the trip to jail alive. That is how Mayor Rodrigo and now his daughter who has taken over, keep the peace while being surrounded on all sides by bad people. I personally spoke with a few members of one of the muslim armies when I saw them in town for a big pow wow. I approached a group of them and asked if I were to wander into their area, would they kill me . After they got over their shock of a foreigner speaking to them ( it was in a big public mall) they replied that THEY wouldn’t kill me but the other muslim army would–haha. Now I certainly knew I wouldn’t make it travelling out of Davao. I did end up taking a bus way out to visit my girlfriends family and when I felt the vibes–I left after a few hours. Later,One year to the day later when I happened to be back there in Davao-I picked up a newspaper and it said that 1 year ago a bus going to where I traveled to the parents area, was blown up the next day after I travelled. Whew, I think they were looking for me.

  • disqus_r8w0IwvvLw

    Message, clear message from his NWO handlers. He was educated in the usa & affiliated w/ the UN ? Do what we say or suffer the consequences. I just don’t buy it that some miscellaneous ticos did this. No reason to do so. Nothing to gain for them BUT They (black op gov.) use the motorcycles/ shooting scenario in Pakistan and other countries for this same thing… Duh. Wonder what Solis did to piss them off? This was a strong warning and if they had wanted to they could have gotten into the house.

  • dr meno

    My inside sources say it was Oscar and Laura. jaa jaa

  • roberto

    KEYSTONE COPS! The story is not true. 6 police officers eventually showed up at 1am. Among the six there was a report that turned out to be incorrect, Minister of Security, CelsoGamboa said.
    Celso Gamboa said the version, put in the report, was dismissed even by OIJ because the police vehicle had an impact from the inside out!
    Gamboa said: “We tolerate mistakes but not lies.” Gamboa will take the case to the prosecutor for crime simulation and misrepresentation.
    For now, the officers have been suspended, while the trial proceeds.
    Finally, Gamboa ruled out the possibility of an attack on the president’s house. Report from La Nacion.

  • expatin paradise

    I don’t know if this was indeed a matter of cops accidentally discharging a weapon and trying to cover up incompetence, or one of the other theories posited. I doubt the black ops theory although I don’t doubt that such events occur. If there was an attack, I think it more probable that parties fearful that the new administration will prosecute them for corruption are behind this than are external forces. I don’t make too much of the report of two men on motorcycle doing this, as this has been a common method of armed robbers here for years.

  • Iddy Yutt

    Typical lying scumbag Ticos who refuse to claim responsibility for ANYTHING .”You hit my car”. No I didn’t my car did ! Scum of the planet

  • duke ster

    duke ster—Ha ha ha ha This sums up Ticos–You don’t need to say anything negative or bad about them–just allow a Tico to be a Tico and it will all come out for all the world to see what these people are all about, their culture is on display here–ha ha ha ha

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