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Limon bracing for 13-foot waves, experts issue alert

July 10th, 2014 ( Limon is bracing for the impact of ocean waves today that could easily reach 4 meters (13 feet) caused by a low-pressure system in the Caribbean, and authorities are warning residents and visitors to take caution.


According to Omar Lizano of the Research Center for Marine Sciences and Limnology at the University of Costa Rica, there are five areas in Limon that could be especially hard hit, including popular tourist destinations like Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo.


“The waves could easily reach four meters (13 feet); the entire Caribbean coast will be affected, but there are places that are at special risk, such as Cieneguita, Puerto Vargas, Manzanillo, Punta Cocles, and Puerto Viejo,” Lizano said, adding that erosion problems in these areas could pose additional risks.


Lizano is warning residents and visitors alike to take extra precautions, especially at night when the tide is at its highest, and to not enter the water or sail in small boats.


Lizano also warned that the worst risk of serious flooding is in the areas of Puerto Viejo and Cieneguita.


Lizano said the conditions are expected to last until Monday, though the waves may gradually decrease in size.

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  • duke ster

    13 Ft waves??/ YESSSSS….. Finally! ….Wipe out that nest of slave descendants Even the police are afraid to go there!

    • Tracy Lund

      You are an asshole dude!

      • duke ster

        Tracy Lund, why don’t YOU go down to the shitty beach at Limon and if you survive and are not robbed and killed– please hang out until those killer waves get there ok? Do mankind a favor ? Take your “carribean” boyfriend with you will you?

      • duke ster

        I see your photo– you are quite a heavy woman aren’t you? Maybe this has something to do with your choice of a “carribean” boyfriend–all you can get huh Big Mama?

    • Frank Castle

      No offense but there are a lot of nice folks that live along that coastline so your comments are just a BIT out of line!

      • duke ster

        You are right Frank-I apologize.

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