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20 years

Hundley claimants include other developers; bail lowered to $1.5 million

Patrick Hundley is behind bars in a Perez Zeledon prison.

Patrick Hundley is behind bars in a Perez Zeledon prison.

Hundley also speaks to Michigan television station (video at the end of the article)

July 9th, 2014 ( The claimants in the criminal fraud case against property developer Patrick Hundley of Daystar Properties include the property developers behind Croc’s Casino Resort in Jaco, a source close to Hundley tells Inside Costa Rica.


According to the source, who prefers to remain unnamed but describes himself as a friend of Hundley, Dag and Jennifer Hascall, the developers behind Croc’s Casino and Resort are amongst the investors who claim to have been defrauded by Hundley.


The source told Inside Costa Rica that he makes no assumptions as to Hundley’s guilt or innocence, but is concerned about his treatment in Costa Rican prison.


“They claim they never got their shares, Hundley claims he never got any shares,” the source said.


“I’ve heard both sides of the story and I do not know what the truth is.  Pat Hundley’s rights and whether he is innocent or guilty are two separate issues for me,” the source tells Inside Costa Rica.


Inside Costa Rica was unable to reach Mr. Hascall to confirm the source’s information prior to press time.


According to prosecutors, Hundley convinced the investors to back his purchase of a 15,850 square meter property in Jaco, known as “Miro’s Mountain.”


Allegedly, the investors signed contracts and began making monthly payments of up to $500,000 for a year and a half, with the promise that they would become shareholders in a corporation holding the property after the $7 million was raised and the purchase was made.  The investors say they have never received their shares.


Furthermore, prosecutors say Hundley failed to inform investors that the property in question was tied up in the courts as part of a divorce trial between its former owner, now deceased, and the man’s former wife.


Hundley is being charged with fraudulent administration, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.


Hundley, for his part, claims the charges against him amount to nothing more than a “business dispute.”


Hundley and his accusers are apparently from the same area of Western Michigan.


Hundley was arrested in February and has remained in preventive detention in a Perez Zeledon prison ever since, where Hundley and his supporters say his human rights are being violated.


In a Monday hearing in Puntarenas, a judge lowered Hundley’s all-cash bail from $2 million USD to $1.5 million.


The source close to Hundley alleges further poor treatment during Hundley’s transport the days before and after the hearing.


“On Sunday, July 6, Mr. Hundley was transported by representatives of the government of Costa Rica to the jail in Quepos, even though his attorney had arranged for him to be transported directly to the hearing in Puntarenas on Monday.  In Quepos, he was put in an 8’ X 8’ concrete cell with no toilet, feces and urine on the floor and walls, 100 degree temperatures, no air flow, swarming mosquitos and Mr. Hundley was given no food or water.  His attorneys and wife found him at 6:00 PM and his attorney was allowed to give him a sandwich and water.  They had no idea that that would be the last food he would have for days.


[Monday], when Mr. Hundley was delivered to Puntarenas, his attorney tried to take him food, but was not allow to give the food to him.  After the hearing was finished at 4:30 PM, Mr. Hundley was supposed to be transported back to Perez Zeledon Prison, but once again, he was taken to Quepos to the cell filled with human waste.  He was given no food at all on Monday,” the source told Inside Costa Rica.


Hundley speaks from his prison cell


On Friday, July 4th, Hundley spoke to WZZM, a local television station in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and continued to lament his prison conditions, which he described as a “nightmare.”


Speaking from his attorney’s cell phone, Hundley told a reporter for the station of his conditions. “It’s, uh, terrible. I don’t know what else to say. It’s (expletive). I wouldn’t let my dog stay here,” Hundley said.


Hundley also reiterated that he believes he is in prison unjustly.  “This is no more than a business dispute.  I’m in prison over a business dispute.  […] This is extortion; it’s somebody maliciously using the law to their advantage,” Hundley told Sarah Sell, a reporter for the station, from his attorney’s cell phone.


An open letter from Hundley was submitted to Inside Costa Rica on his behalf earlier this month, where he describes at length his conditions in prison and his belief that his human rights are being violated.


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  • NorthendFool

    He knew what he was doing. He advertised in the USA so i think he can be indicted for fraud up north.

  • Michael Clarkson

    The CR goverment and Pat Hundley are two snakes going at each other. #1 Pat was not reporting his income to the IRS as a US citizen he used bureaucracy to his favor until it turned on him #2 The CR government has let many Ticos steal money from foreign investors and they are walking free lawyers,politicians ect, so let them sort it out the CR government does not like competition they want to be the only corrupt thieves corporate mafia in the country.

    • duke ster

      That’s funny–the CR government does not like competition hahaha I never thought of it that way.where And “disgusted” said–the government says” Ok we will take a little less” hahaha You guys are so funny! I wonder where the money is? Does anyone know if the moneycan be tied up in the bank ? What about the woman who killed her super rich husband and recently received 10 yrs in prison. That guy had so many jewels they had to weigh them—wow! who has their hands on all that loot? There will be some Ticos who will be buying a lot of things –selling one precious stone at a time… WOW!!!!

  • disgusted

    Now the government just wants some of the money. 2 million, okay we will take a little less. Hundley may have had his rights violated and so does many others as well. Get in line. However, Patrick, something does not add up about your sob story. Where is the money, NOW??

  • Ben

    This guy is full of crap. Keep him in Jail.

  • Michael Clarkson

    Is any body out there stupid enough to believe that if the CR government gets this money from Pat they are going to give it back to the investors anyone? Like the CR government cares about the investors, pat may have swindled some investor but if the CR government had the chance they would do exactly the same. I have said once and I will say it for the rest of my life do not invest a dime in CR it does not matter if it is a Tico o Gringo taking your money, there no protection for the investor here none whatsoever.

    • Ben

      PAT is what is wrong with Costa Rica. Pat comes and says he can do all these thing and make all sorts of money fast and steals from investors. Pat i hope you say in jail for a long time it will show the rest of these gangster US citizens to becareful in Latin America. US citizens your form of lies must stop. Stop steal land form Costa Rican.

      • Michael Clarkson

        Pat may be a scammer but how many Ticos have stolen from foreign investors? Alot of lawyers,politicians,business man and just average Ticos have scammed foreign investors and they are walking free, which is a double standard.

        • Ben

          Your right lots of Costa Rican have stolen from US citizens and there own people i see it everyday with the goverment in CR. Most of these US devolpers in CR couldn´t do what they do in the USA. Houses in CR are over priced because of these gangster that build shit homes on stolen money and on stolen land.

      • Karen Mata

        Unfortunately in the US third world blood has reached critical mass, so your point is valid to some extent.

        • Ben

          Karen this pains me to say this your right good point.

  • NorthendFool

    Here are the facts. In 2008 the economy started to tank up north. Before that the investment housing tourism businesses were varily paying the bills despite all their lies about Pura Vida. Then it all went downhill and the speculator/contractor/developers just went bezerk because the ponzi schemes were drying up fast. They then really turned on the blue sky propaganda machine back in the states in hopes a sucker would come along and give them thousands so they could retain their lifestyles in CR. Everyone knows the laws here are ridiculous and nothing is ever recovered or settled in less than a lifetime. Once you write that check you are in for a ride and you better hope it comes thru or else its like throwing it away. Those of you who were contacted by these greedy con artist back in the states may have a chance if assets are still available. Did you use Stewart Title?? You should of or a company similar because they guarantee title insurance for offshore transaction and are licensed to do so in CR by CR. For many the good info about how to do it is way too late. My advise if you havent bought into anything regarding a business or real estate in CR is to stay home and enjoy touring the world. Living in a third world country will blow your mind.

  • duke ster

    Let’s think about this ,people are paying payments of $500,000? Now I am not a financial genius but if a person has gained enough money to be able to toss out $500,000 to invest , wouldn’t you think that they would be more careful –like “due diligence”? Certainly they had to be smart to own that MUCH MONEY. But smart enough to make enough to be able to throw $500,000 into someone’s hands with no guarantees? No viewing of titles and documents showing all the points of value? This guy had all the titles in his name and no one caught that? No one asked for guarantees of any kind? Where are these people? I want to move to western Michigan NOW! Maybe I could stumble across some –heck- ONE of these loose wallets? I have some investments I want to offer them, and I only need , like, $200,000 per month payments ok? Costa Rica hmmmmm….. ok I have some possibilities there–just send me your money–to my e-mail address, and I will cook up. er I mean show you some fantastic investment opportunities. Anyone wonder where these people these “investors” made their money? It must come in “bales” or “bricks” so that they need to get rid of it fast–not too many questions asked–just the magic words. Costa Rica” and they give it to you? Wow– ,, I mean wow!!! Someone said –”don’t invest a penny in Costa Rica– I think the wisdom here is to travel here( if you must) but don’t buy anything for God’s sake. Rent. If you have too much cash- I recommend going out into the poor neighborhoods ( carefully) and take lots of toys and food for the children. I did it–several times, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences. To see the kids lining up for Christmas presents brought so much joy to my heart. In fact I did some videos of my fiancee’ and I doing just that–they are on you tube under “riverfrontparadise” plus for a kick–see on the same page-the video of the cute little Chinese girl running her family’s store.

  • derek

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  • Michelle

    LOL Pat Hundley – what a joke. This guy is your run-of-the-mill shady gringo in Costa Rica; there are plenty of others just like him. SO STANDARD. I hope they make an example of him. He used to hire broke surfers in Jaco to find properties for him so he could rip off the Tico owners and they wouldn’t know he was the buy. I’m not saying Ticos are all honest by any means, but it’s great to see one of thousands of shady gringos finally getting nailed. This is a clear case of a developer thinking he was untouchable and finally crossing the line too far. I’ve been ripped off by multiple Americans I’ve been unfortunate enough to work with or cross paths with in the past. They blatantly steal from locals and foreigners alike because they know it’s so unrealistic to sue anyone or get justice in this country, even with solid agreements. Realtors, real estate agencies and developers are the worst of the worst. Finally Pat went too far and he has to pay the price. I would love to take down a handful of other crooked gringos who claim to be just like the locals with their Costa Rica residency and Colombian wives. They’re all disgusting. Hundley calls this a “business dispute” – hahaha! What a creep. He knows what he did and thinks with money he can bribe his way out of it. He probably can, but hopefully he’s learned some type of lesson and still has a few more years in Puntarenas jail to ponder it. Scumbag

  • Karen VanderWagen

    All you assholes out there have a lot of fucked up oppionions but I know Pat Hundley and grew up with him and he is none of the bullshit you say! He is a awesome man and has helped alot of people including my husband and I , Costa Rico,his family and several others! You people, that think your perfect and have a right to judge, better look again! Its people like you that are not worthy to vote but stay on your welfare because you choose not to work, and have nothing better to do but slam a good man!

  • Mortimer Quigley

    I know Pat Hundley personally. He is (and has always been) a narcissist piece of crap. The only thing Pat cares about is “Pat”, so if the developers say that he tried to swindle them, I don’t doubt that assertion one bit.

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