Gasoline prices to increase this weekend, hit new record high


July 3rd, 2014 ( Regulator ARESEP has approved an increase in gasoline prices requested by the Costa Rican Oil Refinery (RECOPE), which will likely take affect this weekend.


Super gasoline will increase ¢29 per liter, climbing from ¢787 to ¢816.  Regular gasoline will increase ¢27 per liter, increasing from ¢761 to ¢788.


The price hikes set a new record high price for gasoline in the country, which already has the highest fuel prices in the region.


Good news, however for diesel motorists.  Diesel fuel will decrease ¢13 per liter, falling from ¢689 to ¢676.

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    • SarongGoddess

      Looks similar to the U.S. in that prices often seem to go up around a holiday where people might get out & drive more!! Makes sense to me!!