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At least 716 kilos of cocaine seized in Sardinal de Carillo, Guanacaste

(Courtesy of MSP)

(Courtesy of MSP)

June 27th, 2014 ( At least 716 kilos of cocaine were seized during an operation carried out by the Drug Control Police (PCD) yesterday in Sardinal de Carillo in Guanacaste, near the popular tourist destination of Playas del Coco.


Security Minister, Celso Gamboa provided preliminary information about the raid yesterday, which was reportedly assisted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).


Two Colombian nationals and two Costa Ricans were arrested during the raid.  At least one suspect, a woman, may have escaped by jumping from a window of the home where the seizure was made.


Authorities apparently discovered a large sum of currency in addition to the cocaine.


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  • disqus_r8w0IwvvLw

    Where are they taking the cocaine this time? Up to Miami again instead of burning it with gasoline like they do in Belize? Who took the money? Did it stay in CR or did the usa DEA “handle it”. LOOK DEEPER. The usa is bankrupt and could use this extra cash. What a mess. Costa Rica are you being used?

  • disgusted

    I don’t think CR seriously wants to destroy this. I think they are going to find it has been stolen and disappeared.. Like I said . take pictures/video a small sample 2oz. weigh it and then burn it, take the 18 wheeler and dismantle it.. Book the driver, release him if no warrant. No judges or those in government licking their collective chops an this haul.

    • Murican

      The States send down a marked USAF C-17 Transport Military Aircraft to whisk the dope away back to the States for testing. It landed in Liberia and it was said that the Cocaine was heading to the US for testing…..

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