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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
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Lawmaker seeks to increase income tax on any business not certified “carbon neutral”


June 27th, 2014 ( Lawmaker Jorge Rodriguez has introduced a bill that would increase income tax on any business that is not certified as “carbon neutral” by relevant authorities.  The plan would also provide a tax break for a number of years for those companies that do carry the certification.


“Supporting the national goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2021, I consider it necessary and appropriate to strengthen and stimulate action to ensure that all public and private companies in the country are committed to achieving this objective,” Rodriguez said.


Rodriguez believes that the bill would be an incentive for businesses in the country to become certified carbon neutral, and is not intended to discourage investment.


“We propose an incentive to the attainment of the goal [of carbon neutrality], encouraging and rewarding those who contribute to the environment, but at the same time punishing those who do not mitigate the harmful effects that are detrimental to the environment,” Rodriguez said.


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  • disgusted

    Diputados/Lawmakers are busy trying to figure out how they can keep their high salary. Not about anything really carbon neutral. I see trees all over CR being cut down hear chain saws all hours of the day here in central valley and southern zone. How about some enforcement on all that??

    Just reported the current pension and payment are unsustainable. Recently they show that Diputados earn $6,750 a month pile on free gas, SUV ($75k), insurances with ICE and travel perks about 10K per month each one X 50. This does not include their staff salary. After their 4 years they receive for life this pension. Meaning some for 30 years. This is crushing economy when about 57% of each colon is borrowed!

    Costarricense here seem to just go along with all this. I wonder if Pres. Solis really going to cut his and everyone else salary. I do not mean a measly 5%. Naw, Just keep on borrowing and TAXING.

  • Yeims

    Carbon. The carbon atom has 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons, or can be thought of as “666″. That would pretty well explain the nature, motive, and beneficiaries for the carbon tax.

  • expatin paradise

    On its face, this looks like a good initiative. How it will be implemented and enforced may be another matter. What will be the criteria for certification as carbon-neutral? Who will make the determination? How open to corruption will the process be? It would be great to see more businesses using solar panels and other “green” energy for their offices, factories, and vehicles; however, it is more likely that we will see carbon-neutral certifications sold for high prices with more taxes dodged than paid under this plan while carbon output is unaffected.

  • Joe1047

    If lawmakers are so concerned with carbon neutrality why don’t they all start driving smart cars instead of the gas guzzling SUV’s they all have? Better yet, make them pay for their own gas.

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