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Costa Rican Assemblyman arrested in Brazil for child sex released from jail but cannot leave country


June 26th, 2014 ( Olger Ulate Ulate, the 56-year-old PAC Assemblyman arrested last Wednesday in the city of Natal in Brazil for allegedly hiring a 32-year-old woman and a 16-year-old transvestite prostitute for sex, has been released from jail but Brazilian authorities have retained his passport, according to the Costa Rican ambassador in Brazil, Victor Monge Chacón.


“[Ulate] remains under the order of the state courts, he is unable to leave the country until the process is concluded,” the ambassador said.


The ambassador added that Ulate’s whereabouts in Brazil are unknown and he has not had contact with the Costa Rican embassy since leaving jail on Tuesday afternoon.


Ulate had been in Brazil to attend the World Cup.


PAC officials in Costa Rica strongly condemned Ulate’s alleged actions last week, when Ulate’s arrest was reported.


“The Citizen Action Party repudiates, as much as humanly possible, this kind of activity,” said PAC president, Olivier Perez.


President Luis Guillermo Solis will not address the issue, his press office said last week.


According to reports, Ulate was arrested after reporting to Tourism Police that he had been robbed of $1,500, an iPhone, and his passport.  Apparently Ulate led police to the minor as the suspect.


The 16-year-old minor, who is a transvestite, told police that she was a prostitute and that Ulate, intoxicated, refused to pay her after having sex, and admitted to stealing his valuables.


Ulate claimed he was unaware that the prostitute was a minor.


Ulate is from Tilarán, Guanacaste.



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