Exports of roasted coffee, frozen pineapple see significant growth


June 24th, 2014 (InsideCostaRica.com) Exports of roasted coffee have nearly tripled in the first five months of the year, growing by 184%, according to Costa Rica’s export promotion agency, Procomer.


While exports of roasted coffee have seen remarkable growth, non-roasted exports are actually down by 19%.


A little more than half of Costa Rica’s roasted coffee is exported to the United States and Canada.


Other exports have also witnessed some significant growth this year, including frozen pineapple (53.8% increase for the period), milk (31.6%), melons (17.4%) and medical devices (10%).


The data represents results for 2,125 Costa Rican businesses that sell their products abroad.


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    • Ken Morris

      The increase in exports of roasted coffee sounds like good news, since that’s a value-added product and very much the kind of export growth that CR desperately needs. I’m wondering though, five months isn’t a long time and while 184% growth is outstanding, I don’t know what the baseline was.

      • http://insidecostarica.com/ Timothy Williams

        I must admit we’ve been slipping a bit on details lately. The five month period (Jan through May) is compared to the same period of 2013.