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After surprise win over Italy, FIFA tests Costa Rican players for doping


June 22nd, 2014 ( Costa Rica’s “Sele” has sent a letter to FIFA demanding an explanation as to why so many of its players were required to take anti-doping tests after their surprise victory against Italy on Friday, according to a report by the Associated Press.


Seven Costa Rican players were tested after Costa Rica’s 1-0 surprise victory over Italy, according to the AP.


“We believe in, accept and trust doping controls that FIFA carries out, but we want an explanation as to why so many of the players were called in,” Adrian Gutierrez, president of Costa Rica’s selection committee said. “What causes surprise at the world level is that they take seven players in one sitting for anti-doping tests, which gives an image of suspicion that Costa Rican players are doping.”


FIFA said eight Costa Rican players were not available for testing prior to the World Cup when a commission of the federation visited Costa Rica for routine testing prior to competing in Brazil.


Two of those players were tested after Costa Rica’s win against Uruguay and another six after the country’s win against Italy, FIFA said on its web site.  The seventh player was chosen by lottery.


Jorge Luis Pinto said FIFA was welcome to test all of Costa Rica’s players and even himself after Costa Rica’s next match versus England on Tuesday.


“I’m happy that they do these types of tests,” he said. “If they want in the next match, they can test all 11 players on the pitch and even me.”


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  • El Torito

    Are we surprised? I admit that I’m a bit cynical but should we be surprised by this? I live here and remember the last World Cup when we had it stuck to us in the U.S. game. The short answer to this question is, WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN! Heck we were there to fill out the numbers. Uruguay discounted us, kept out their best player and lost. The Italians thought we were slack and the ref. was ……..well, the less said the better about that. They lost too. Next the English are out. We should not be over-confident. There are three teams on the pitch on Tuesday, C.R. ENG. and the refs. By the way, I’m using my wife’s account at the moment. I’ll set up my own today.

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