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Man arrested for child sex at World Cup appears to be Costa Rican politican


June 19th, 2014 ( A Costa Rican tourist surnamed Ulate, 56, who was arrested yesterday in the city of Natal in Brazil for allegedly hiring a 16-year-old transvestite for sex, appears to be provincial delegate to the Costa Rican National Assembly and Citizen Action Party (PAC) politico Olger Ulate Ulate, according to reports in both Brazil and Costa Rica.


“If it is indeed him, he has won the repudiation of the party,” said PAC president Olivier Perez.


Perez said the man arrested in Brazil appears to be the politican.


“The Citizen Action Party repudiates, as much as humanly possible, this kind of activity,” Perez said.


President Luis Guillermo Solis will not address the issue, his press office said.


The Costa Rican mission in Brazil confirmed that a 56-year-old man surnamed Ulate was arrested for child sexual exploitation and is receiving consular assistance.


According to initial reports, Ulate was arrested after reporting to Tourism Police that he had been robbed of $1,500, an iPhone, and his passport.  Apparently Ulate led police to the minor as the suspect.


The 16-year-old minor, who is a transvestite, told police that she was a prostitute and that Ulate, intoxicated, refused to pay her after having sex, and threatened to accuse her of robbery to police.



UPDATE (11:57 a.m.): The minor apparently admitted to stealing Ulate’s cash and belongings after he refused to pay about $200 after she and (according to initial reports) a 32-year-old woman performed sex acts.  Police were able to recover Ulate’s belongings.  Ulate claims he was unaware that the prostitute was underage and was released from custody, but authorities say the charges are “very serious” and carry a penalty of between 4 and 10 years in prison.  It is not clear at this time if Ulate’s passport was returned to him.


UPDATE (3:57 p.m.) Additional reports appear to indicate that Ulate may remain in Brazilian custody, and the minor involved may have been the one released after admitting to the theft of Ulate’s cash and possessions, though Inside Costa Rica is unable to independently verify this account.  This story has also received some correction to detail post-publication, those interested in the changelog can email [email protected]  We are now able to release a non-blackened image of Ulate from his mugshot in Brazil, below:





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  • disgusted

    Ulate from PAC, He will spin this story he was the victim. It comes down to”" HE said SHE said”". Well let’s see how this plays out. IF there any follow up.

    • El Torito

      I’m sorry I just find this so mind boggling. How can a supposedly intelligent human being do something so arrogantly stupid? You engage in an activity that is illegal. You refuse to pay for a transaction that is legal. Then you report to police that you were robbed. Thus triggering an investigation that results in your arrest and public humiliation. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

    • Fernando Gerdano

      you mean “He said He said” ?

  • Chris Thomas

    So typical of Costa Rican government, actually all politicians are like this except this was too stupid and screwed himself otherwise he would have been in office forever because no one can take out corrupt politicians out of power. Once again Costa Rica in the top 20 most corrupt countries in the world.

  • Ken Morris

    Well, there was an additional, much older prostitute involved too. My total guess is that the guy got drunk on vacation and had no idea that one of the hookers was underage, and he may not have paid “her” after discovering that she was a he. It also looks like the two prostitutes worked as a team, and set the guy up, with the older prostitute intentionally using the underage one to take the rap as a juvenile. Indeed, the fact that the fellow reported the theft tells you that he had no idea that the one was underage or probably that the business aspect of the transaction had gone bad.

    I don’t want to act as a character witness for this fellow, but it looks a lot like his only “crime” was to get drunk and stupid. To spin it as him sexually exploitating a minor, while technically probably correct and the crux of his woes, makes a mockery out of the real exploitation of children. The exploiter in this tale is probably the older prostitute, who set it all up and used the 16-year-old as legal cover, while the 16-year-old would also seem to be a seasoned thug (and likely would be tried as an adult in the US).

    This said, to quote Letterman, “I wouldn’t give his problems to a monkey on a rock.” This is a stiff price to pay for getting drunk and stupid while on vacation.

  • Yeims

    I hope they keep him locked up in “prevention” for a couple of months, at least, before permitting him to come back here and face the music for sure. .

  • duke ster

    C’mon,child sex, really? a 16 yr old transvestite cannot be imagined as a child now can he/she? We are talking about a very confused individual who has led a life of prostitution and dishonest culpability–hardly a “child” This headline smacks of sensationalism. Leave the poor guy alone, let him return to Costa Rica. Hasn’t he been punished enough already? This is hardly a child victim. The transvestite should be jailed for theft, throw away the key and stop this persecution of this man. Looks like he found out that he was duped by a he/she and then robbed by “it”. Who wouldn’t be mad as all heck? Not only duped and put in a horrible position by a prostitute who draws in innocent men ( after all isn’t prostitution legal in Colombia as it is in Costa Rica)? But to be robbed as well? So he didn’t pay “it”–so what? “It” is very lucky that “It wasn’t killed by a customer who found out that he had been duped by a “he/she” . There are many men who would think nothing of putting such a creepy individual out of “it’s misery

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