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Google street view shows the full World Cup colors of Brazil (must see!)

June 16th, 2014 — Google Street View is a very cool service by Google which allows you to virtually walk around the major cities of the world.  The streets of Brazil’s major cities have been decorated with colorful and creative graffiti inspired by the World Cup.  Let’s take a walk around the country’s decorated streets with Google Street View:

(Editor’s Note: Please allow this page some time to fully load if you are on a slower internet connection. When fully loaded you should see a street level view instead of a map.   Google Street View scenes below may not be visible on all devices.  You can use your mouse to look and move around each street view, so try it out!

Thanks to Juliana Barrera and our friends at VOXXI for coming up with this idea.)

Views: Rua Astrapéia by Google Maps

The family of former soccer player Denner Paulino Barbosa lives on this street. His family helps organize the community to paint and decorate this and other nearby streets.

2.The streets of Rua São Paulo celebrate the World Cup in Brazil

Views: Rua São Paulo by Google Maps

3. Favela Rua Tavares Bastos

Views: Rua Tavares Bastos by Google Maps

4. Rua Aldeia das Canoas

Views: Rua Aldeia das Canoas by Google Maps

This year’s World Cup marks the third time this street has been painted for the World Cup.

5. Rua Itabaiana in Sao Paulo

Views: Rua Itabaiana by Google Maps

The families on this street are responsible for getting the community together and organizing the street’s painting and decoration.

6. The streets of Rua São Cristovão, Rio de Janeiro

Views: Rua São Cristovão by Google Maps

You can also explore the inside of all 12 stadiums hosting the World Cup, as well as surrounding areas via Street View.

Brazil is a beautiful Country and the World Cup soccer matches are sure to be a once in a lifetime experience for fans.

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