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Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos wins second term


June 16th, 2014 (VOA) Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was reelected Sunday, in an apparent endorsement of his peace talks with leftist rebels.

With most of the votes counted in Sunday’s runoff, election officials say Santos beat right-wing challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga by about five percentage points. Zuluaga won the first multi-candidate round three weeks ago.

Zuluaga criticized what he said was the slow pace of the peace talks with FARC rebels and wanted to impose tougher conditions on them.

President Santos called the election a choice is between those who want to put an end to the war and those who want a war without end.

The president said last week that the talks with FARC, which began in November, are in their final stages. He announced last week that he also has opened talks with the second-largest rebel group, the National Liberation Front.

Both groups have been carrying out a 50-year guerrilla war against the government, killing hundreds of thousands.

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