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Accused murderers of La Fortuna hotelier and sons to stand trial

June 16th, 2014 ( Two men accused of the murders of a well-known La Fortuna hotelier and his two sons will stand trial beginning June 23rd.


On February 9th, 2013, Geovanny Soto Ruiz, 52 and his sons Emmanuel, 18, and Juan Mauricio Soto Soto, 27 were found dead in various areas of La Fortuna, showing signs of torture.  Soto was the owner of the Mountain Paradise Hotel.

The bodies of Mr. Soto Ruiz and one of his sons were found near the Arenal River on the old road between La Fortuna and Monterrey with their throats cut, and showing signs of torture.


The youngest of the three men was found shot to death in a family-owned microbus on the way to the Fortuna River waterfalls.


Days after the discoveries, two Nicaraguan men, both who worked for Soto, were arrested on suspicion of having received orders to commit the crime.  Authorities said they were able to collect evidence against the men during raids on their homes, including a bloody knife.


The two men, identified by the last names Sandigo Bello and Lopez Carmona will now face trial on murder charges in which at least 22 witnesses are expected to testify beginning June 23rd in the criminal courts of San Carlos.


Authorities have yet to publicly identify a businessman, believed to be in Nicaragua, who allegedly ordered the murders.


According to sources, an alleged debt of approximately $1.5 million may have led to the murders.



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