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Solís: Democracy must prevail in region


June 13th, 2014 (VOA) The president of Costa Rica reaffirmed his rejection of the crackdown against the opposition in Venezuela and urged that human rights be respected throughout the region.

“The problems of democracy can only be solved with more democracy as Thomas Jefferson said,” Luis Guillermo Solís said in an interview with VOA. “Affirmation of human rights regimes should be maintained and deepened throughout the hemisphere.”

Venezuela’s attorney general ordered the arrests Wednesday of three government opponents, including a former presidential candidate and a former state oil company executive. The men are wanted in connection with an alleged plot to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro.

The Costa Rican president also emphasized the need to strengthen trade ties between his country and the U.S. through the free trade agreement between the two nations.

“The free trade agreement exists and should become a major opportunity for our exporters, our trade and the public in general,” he said.

Solis said that in his opinion the greatest challenges in Central America are poverty, inequality and lack of security.

Solis has agreed to advance the discussion on marijuana legalization.

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  • Frank Castle

    I agree with El Presidente but I think he means Constitutional Republics need to prevail not Democracies which is essentially, mob rule. Also, Marijuana legalization then taxation would be a good idea as Marijuana is no dangerous than Alcohol. Other drugs, not the same. Cocaine, Meth, Spice and especially Bath Salts (one time use can mess you up permanently) all need to continue to be kept illegal. Use the taxes raised on Marijuana sales to help other drug addicts get treatment and the rest for preventative education.

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