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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
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San Ramon rejects garbage incineration plan

June 11th, 2014 ( The municipal council of San Ramon bowed to public pressure yesterday and rejected a proposal that would have seen the city receive more than 1,000 tons of garbage per day for incineration as part of a waste-to-energy project.


The proposal by WRA Environmental Engineering, Inc. would have forced the municipality to provide the company 1,000 tons of garbage per day for the first year, or pay for the difference in lost production.


After the third year, the municipality would have been obligated to provide 1,500 tons of garbage per day.  That amount represents at least one-third of all the garbage produced in the country, and would have resulted in some 100 garbage trucks passing through the city each day.


Residents expressed concern that the trucks would deteriorate the city’s roads and cause foul odors, while others were concerned over possible health effects.


The municipal council agreed to appoint a committee that will seek an alternative solution to deal with the canton’s waste.

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  • disgusted

    100 trucks a day and everyday. Hearing Jake brakes all hours and the stench as well. bad idea. I can see why they are concern. Why not have this near a railroad line like over in Esparza???? Fill up some Boxcars makes more sense and not tie up traffic between here SJ and San Ramon. Also resentful they become the garbage dump tor San Jose as well.

  • Ram

    What about other environmental concerns, taking garbage and burning it only solves part of the problem but creates a far worse one if the byproducts are sent into the atmosphere polluting our air. We might end up with Acid rain and other issues if not dealt properly. Provided I hear some arguments about using the ashes to build bricks and what not for affordable housing but by means of incineration… Projects like that have been rejected in the USA for environmental concerns. Take a look at this article that highlights the impacts on the environment:

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