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Child immigrants fleeing Central America for US

By Ken Bredemeir

June 10th, 2014 (VOA) Hundreds of unaccompanied children from Central America have entered the U.S. illegally in recent days, overwhelming American border authorities.

White House officials said Monday most of the children have crossed the Mexican border into the southwestern U.S. state of Texas, fleeing high crime and poverty in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

U.S. border officials in Texas have been ill-equipped to handle the influx and transported many of the children to facilities two states away, in Arizona. The officials said that even though the government has started deportation proceedings against the children to return them to their home countries, it also is looking for more space to house them while the specific details of their cases are considered.

By law, the U.S. has 72 hours to try to determine the personal circumstances of each of the children, such as whether they have parents already living in the U.S. and could be reunited. But the officials said the number of child immigrants has “very dramatically” increased in recent days, leading to delays in the processing.

Hundreds of the children have been kept in a makeshift dormitory: a U.S. immigration warehouse in Nogales, Arizona, just north of the Mexican border.

The White House officials said the children have been given food and water, and shower facilities.

President Barack Obama has called the plight of the children “an urgent humanitarian situation.”

The influx of Central American children is occurring as the U.S. is in the midst of a contentious debate over immigration policies.  Obama has called for comprehensive immigration policy changes that could eventually permit 11 million immigrants already in the country illegally to gain U.S. citizenship over a period of years.

But many of Obama’s Republican opponents in Congress say that amounts to amnesty for lawbreakers; they have so far thwarted passage of immigration reforms.

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  • John Dungan

    And, guess what else? Many of these undocumented (adults as well as children) are coming from Costa Rica, the place where everyone is so happy! It should make one wonder why.

    • Jim Freeman

      How do you know that? You are talking out your a…

      • John Dungan

        I know that because I live in El Paso, Tx, and because I have been talking to one of the detention officers at the local detention center. Actually, just before this latest influx, we already had a large number of Ticos in detention.

        • duke ster

          John, how can children get into El Paso so easily? Do they just walk across an unguarded street? Why are they apprehended instead of simply just continue walking? Please explain in more detail. Also I would like to hear why you, like me, left Costa Rica .

          • John Dungan

            They were picked up in South
            Texas, as they crossed the border there with parents. The influx of illegals has reportedly increased greatly over the last few weeks. And, no, the borders are not open, and there are not unguarded streets crossing it. Read this article and google the U. S. CBP, border crossing, etc., to find out more about it. As for our departure from CR, which was nearly two years ago, read my Blog, or search my forum.

  • Frank Castle

    The USA should drop them back into Mexico, just across the border. Rinse and repeat as often as necessary. A message needs to be sent. Costa Rica has the right to secure its border as does Panama and Nicaragua. Why not the USA? We aren’t the human dumping ground for all of these peoples from around the world. When I visit Costa Rica or any country, I respect their immigration laws. I expect the same in return. This has to stop now and if the US Federal government won’t do it, the border states need to step up and do it, ignoring any threats from the US government, either from the President, Congress or Judiciary since they really don’t seem to care.

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