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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
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Costa Rica to spend $750,000 on World Cup TV spots

June 9th, 2014 ( The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and the Office of Foreign Trade Promotion (Procomer) have budgeted some $750,000 USD for a series of television commercials to air internationally during the 2014 World Cup taking place in Brazil.


The spots, which aim to strengthen the country’s image as a top tourism destination, will be seen on channels such as ESPN, BBC, ITV in the United Kingdom, ZDF in Germany, and Telecinco in Spain.


While ICT expects to reach some 10 million viewers in Europe, its focus will be on reaching viewers in the United States, which continues to be the country’s strongest source of tourist arrivals.  Viewers in the United States and Canada will see the ads on BBC’s North American channel.


A Procomer official said the campaign would utilize the country’s new branding, Essential Costa Rica.


The advertising spot will be presented sometime this week.


Ditching its “No Artificial Ingredients” slogan, Costa Rica unveiled its new “Essential Costa Rica” branding in September of last year, which officials hope will attract more “sophisticated” tourism and foreign direct investment.


The development of the new brand – which consisted of a logo and an introduction video – cost $650,000.

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  • Chr Fulldog

    650,000 to make a logo and a video. Could of had that done for under 10,000. Corruption at its finest.

    • Keylor Arroyo Villegas

      You do know that money is spent on paying the advertisement spots on the channels and not on the making of the video right? Can you put a 3 minute ad on a bunch of international news channels for less than 10000? I think not

  • disgusted

    WASTED and a connected family member got the consultant fee and like it said make a logo and armature video. Just a waste. How about using the money to clean up the Red Zone in San Jose or some other run down area …

  • Luis Diego Campos

    It seem that every country has issues with paying outrageous prices. You guys remember that $60,000 white house toilet?

    • disgusted

      Luis Diego Campos, You have a short memory.. Look what ICT did and the talking Sloth.. Spent over millions and generated few tourist. You don’t see anything about the two toed Sloth any more do you? Winner was the consultant, right?

      • Luis Diego Campos

        What is the exact amount of what you consider a few tourist? How much did ICT spent on the sloth advertisement?

        • disgusted

          Luis Diego Campos, ICT would not give out how much was spent making and the advertisement. Suspected 5million. However, It was a failure in that the hotels saw no noticeable increase from the years before 2012. There has always been tourist IE 2 million however many were Nicaraguans and perpetual tourist as well. So the numbers were inflated..

  • Chris Thomas

    Costa Rica in the the top 20 most corrupt countries in the world.

    • Keylor Arroyo Villegas

      You are kidding right? This is not even close to be true, most of the most corrupted countries in the world are in the middle east and even east asia, some are other countries in central and South America, Costa Rica is a living heaven compared to some places

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