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20 years

Number of Nicaraguan immigrants increased by 20 percent

June 2nd, 2014 ( The number of Nicaraguans coming to live and work in Costa Rica has increased by about 20% in recent years, the Costa Rican ambassador in Managua, Javier Sancho Bonilla told the EFE news agency last week.


Since December 11th of last year, the Costa Rican consulate in Managua has issued nearly 150,000 visas to Costa Rica-bound Nicaraguans, the vast majority who come to the country for employment purposes, according to Bonilla.


Bonilla said the majority of Nicaraguan immigrants come to work in agriculture.


Between 300,000 and 500,000 Nicaraguans live in Costa Rica, the majority of whom are engaged in domestic, agricultural, or construction work, according to a number of official sources.


Costa Rica’s consulate in Managua issues between 700 and 800 visas daily during the low season, and as many as 2,000 to 3,000 per day during the high season, according to Bonilla.

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  • Ken Morris

    Another number I simply don’t believe, since the trend in recent years is that fewer Nicas are coming to Costa Rica.

    Odds are that the apparent increase is a byproduct of legal or administrative changes. For whatever reason, Nicas are probably more apt to to obtain official documents before arriving.

  • disgusted

    If population here is 4million and 500,000 are Nicaraguans so ONE in 4 (( or 1 to 3.5)) are from there not counting the other foreigners including myself. Plus when I lived in Liberia it seemed like everyone there had roots in Nicaragua as well.

    • Lav

      Not to be math picky, but it is my career to be good with numbers. But 1 of 4 would but the number of Nicas at 1 million. You are looking at closer to 1/8.

      • disgusted

        Lav , your right 4 million divide by 500,000=8 so 1/8th or 1 in 8 are from Nicaragua.

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