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Cuban asylum seeker deported after more than a month in the airport



Yorvanky Perez de Piña and wife Yorleny Marín (YouTube)

Yorvanky Perez de Piña and wife Yorleny Marín (YouTube)

June 2nd, 2014 ( Yorvanky Perez de Piña, a Cuban man who had been living in the Juan Santamaria International Airport since his arrival on April 24th, was deported back to his native country on Friday morning, according to his Costa Rican wife, Yorleny Marin.


His lawyer, Eduardo Flores said that Costa Rica is a country of double standards.


“Here we have double standards.  [Perez] was demonized for being Cuban.  The fear was that if he entered the country, all the Cubans would come,” Flores said.  “… Where was international humanitarian law and the Refugee Convention?”


Perez’s flight back to Cuba departed around 7 a.m. on Friday morning.


Perez’s deportation comes after the man spent more than one month living in the airport.  At least three separate asylum requests and an appeal by his wife to President Luis Guillermo Solís all failed to win his re-entry as a refugee.


Perez had previously been living in Costa Rica since early 2012.  He had traveled to Cuba and spent six months caring for his ill mother, according to Perez, but was refused re-entry to Costa Rica after returning from the trip on April 24th.


Perez had a provisional refugee ID card and a work permit but both were expired, his lawyer said, adding that Perez had never requested permanent residence despite the fact that he has been married to a Costa Rican woman since April 2012.


In April, the couple’s lawyer filed a writ of habeas corpus aimed at getting his client released, after which the constitutional court ordered authorities to provide Perez with food and facilities for his personal hygiene while at the airport and to not deport him while the matter is being resolved.


Immigration authorities refused Perez’s asylum request for the third time on May 13th.


Perez had claimed that his life would be in danger if returned to his native Cuba.


His wife said her husband plans to work with the Costa Rican consulate in Cuba after his return in order to process the necessary paperwork to obtain a Costa Rican visa.



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    New Prez shows his true colours. New Prez could have let this Cuban man into Costa Rica and let him be with his wife. Costa Rica is now at the point of no return. I wonder if New goverment really cares about anything like investment or people even traveling to Costa Rica. I think its time to not trust New Goverment. Warning DO NOT TRUST NEW GOVERMENT OF COSTA RICA.

  • Chris Thomas

    And Costa Rica is supposed to be the leader of human rights what a joke, everyday Nicaraguans cross the border illegally good ones and criminals the country is full of illegals and this man was trying to do things the legal way and they kick him out, like I always say the criminals have more rights than the normal people that obey the law in Costa Rica.

  • Luis Diego Campos

    If I request an refugee status in the USA because my life is at risk in my native country, and after I get my legal status I travel to my country to see my mom, do you think USA would let me back in? We have thousand and htousands of foreigners that somehow they lie,fake,bribe CR imigration and they are living among us and only God knows what they are doing…

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