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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Two Canadians and American arrested with cash, drugs, and gun

Police discovered nearly $60,000 USD in both dollars and colones in the suspects' vehicle.  (PCD photo).

Police discovered nearly $60,000 USD in both dollars and colones in the suspects’ vehicle. (PCD photo).

May 19th, 2014 ( Two Canadians and an American man were arrested in San José on Friday after agents of the Drug Control Police (PCD) discovered a large amount of cash, in addition to drugs and a gun in their vehicle after it was stopped by police.


Police discovered nearly $60,000 in their vehicle, along with marijuana packaged for distribution, 27 vials of morphine, a .38-caliber handgun and ammunition.


The Canadian men were identified by the last names Garrity and Brishke.  The American man was identified by the last name Basset.


All three men were arrested at the scene.


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  • disgusted

    Not only this bust but about 4 others with huge hauls as reported in the local papers here. Quepos, Guacimo, Playa Linda. Over two thousand plus kilos of cocaine. Interesting note is the head judge of the supreme court Zarela
    Villanueva says the corruption among the judges is only a few, REALLY! she lives in a different world than I do. Plus now she wants the drug traffickers brought to San Jose for prosecution. Humm That says a lot about the confidence of the court system outside of SJ. Now what do you suppose the police dept going to do with a few tons of coke in it’s warehouse?

    • SDPUS

      Come on disgusted! You know what will happen. It will end up in a container, going to Spain or wherever. Poder Judicial is riddled by corruption, and solely because of the war on drugs. Too much money is at stake, and that is why this police/military strategy is corrupt. For every good cop, who honestly does their job, there is a bad cop, prosecutor or judge to be bribed along the way of the process. Many times lawyers, prosecutors and judges corruptly work together to extract whatever money they can from a defendant. If they can’t extract what they want, then the person busted gets a very harsh sentence. It is a broken system, that is impossible to fix with a police strategy. It is corrupt at every single stage. From the investigation to the warrant to the arrest and thru the judicial process. The war on drugs is a failure, and the Costa Rican Judicial process shows that very clearly. Change the strategy, and make drugs a health problem, you can NEVER change all the people in the system. And even when you do, another corrupt person shows up to take advantage of the situation…

      • SDPUS

        Notice the Judge in Limon, who was just released, never even hired a private lawyer. She used a public defender. All these offices are usually located right next to each other. OIJ, Prosecutors, Judges and Public Defenders interact everyday. All these people were trained lawyers, who thru the years just moved thru the system–changing positions. This is a tiny country. Many of these people were educated together. There is no check and balance, their is only internal corruption, due to drug money. Shame on the supreme court leader, ZarelaVillanueva. She is either very naive to what is happening or she too is corrupt. She should just take a look at: Expediente: 11-000924-0412-pe‏. That case clearly shows corruption from beginning to end of a process, and by people of all ranks. If there was a real media, who was objective, they too would investigate this. Unfortunately the media too is complacent in this corruption.

        • disgusted

          Like I said: If President Solis and the government where serious they would have captured the drugs, photo weight it and burn it immediately.. Not spend thousand on transporting it to a warehouse for storage called evidence. That disappears like what happen down south and all the weapons lost here in San Jose lock up that no one has been charged with. This would by passes the nearly all corrupt judges, police licking their collective chops.

          Judge Rosa will get a pass on compassion pleading she was threatened.. what a Lie … it just a dog and pony show here.


      Your right most Judges in Limon are on the take. SJ has this problem aswell with judges. Police in DIS and OIJ are very corupt and the Cartels and Mafia have there people that work with DIS and OIJ. What i am saying is Cartel owns CR now until the people stand up to goverment.


    These Canadian and US citizens didn´t pay off the Judges or Police.That is why they where caught. Costa Rican system of justice is corupt at every point Judges,police,politcal,and so on. Judges have very little oversight in CR. This Judge in Limon that was arrested is one of many that works with the cartel. Media has started to look into this issue and they are scared to talk about Judges and police. Police work with the corupt judges and protect them. Costa Rica Justice System is worse than the Mafia. Costa Rica could be Mexico very soon.

  • Luis Diego Campos

    Come on lets not go overboard about this corruption in CR.. CR is a corrupt country but is not a silence country. Everyday that you turn on your tv set to watch the news,you will see how police raid houses,investigate lawyers,judges,politicians,etc. And eventually each of them well get their trial one day. If you want to point finger at worst goverment corruption,lets begin with the USA goverment agencies (CIA,DEA,national security,etc)

  • jack

    Why doesn’t CR decriminalized all drugs?

  • Tap Hue

    Americans deliver speeches on democracy and the rule of law. As it turns out they are often criminals.

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