1.5 ton Pre-Columbian stone sphere returned to Costa Rica by homeowner in Miami


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A pre-Colombian stone sphere similar to the one pictured above was returned by a man in Miami who says it had been in his garden since the 1940s.

May 13th, 2014 (InsideCostaRica.com) Authorities on Friday announced the return of a pre-Columbian stone sphere weighing 1.5 tons, which was voluntarily returned by an American who had it in his garden in Miami.


The Miami homeowner, John F. Betancourt, contacted Costa Rica’s consulate in Miami and Costa Rica’s National Museum to tell them that the sphere was in his garden and he wanted to return it, the Ministry of Culture said in a statement.


Betancourt said the sphere had been located at his home since the 1940s, when the first homeowner had taken the sphere from Costa Rica.


Costa Rica’s pre-Columbian stone spheres have been marveled for years.  The stone spheres, made by the Boruca indigenous people between 400 and 1500 A.D.,  are almost perfectly round.


The technique used to create the spheres remains an enigma.

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